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Battery Service in Colorado

Battery Service in Colorado | EAS Tire & Auto

Symptoms of a Failing Vehicle Battery

If you notice one or more of these signs of a failing battery, come see us, and we'll help you.

Battery Terminal Corrosion

If you notice that your battery has corrosion on the terminal, it's a sign that you must replace it. If it isn't already giving you problems, it will. The corrosion can be on the positive or the negative terminals. It's best to check periodically for corrosion and clean the terminals completely to help prolong the life of your battery.

However, if this corrosion is left unchecked or unnoticed, investing in a new battery before it leaves you stranded is best. If your car doesn't start and you notice corrosion on the terminals, it's likely because your battery is dead. The corrosion is from leaking battery acid that dries on the terminals. It's a sign that the battery has a problem and it requires a replacement as soon as possible.

Odd Smell

If your battery is leaking, you may smell an odd rotten egg. This is the sulfur smell produced from a dead battery that makes hydrogen sulfide gas. It may smell like well water or even the sewer. This issue is usually necessary to fix immediately, so make sure you avoid driving for a long time because your battery won't last much longer.

Dimmed Lights

If you notice your lights inside the vehicle or your headlights are dimmed, this can be a sign of a dying battery. You may also notice that your light starts to flicker. If this happens, get a new battery right away. If your battery is newer and under warranty, you can bring it to the mechanic shop or retailer that sells it to you, and they will give you a new one or a reduced price.

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Electrical Problems

When your battery is dying or has a problem, you may notice some signs, such as your cell phone not charging, the radio working on and off, your windows not working, dash lights flickering or not working, and your seats won't heat.

Battery Won't Start Your Vehicle

When your battery isn't working and needs a jump periodically, that means your battery is dying. Don't risk being stranded somewhere. Get a new battery now and avoid problems later. You never know when you may be somewhere unsafe or without help.

Check-Engine Light

If your check engine light turns on, one of the possibilities is that your battery is dying. You can take your battery to a local auto parts store or a mechanic's shop to get it tested. That's one of the simplest ways to solve a check engine light and should be a first step before moving on to another potential cause.

Battery Case Warping

Your battery might have a bulge or begin to swell or even eventually crack. If you notice any of these issues, it's necessary to get your battery replaced right away. This is a safety issue, and the battery can pose a hazard to you and your vehicle. This is normally a sign that there is a really serious problem brewing, and we should not wait any longer to fix it. Bring it to your mechanic and tire shop like EAS Tire, and have them replace it before going anywhere else.

Clicking Noises

If you notice any clicking noise when you try to turn on your vehicle, that's usually a sign that the battery is dead or dying. Your engine may also hesitate to start and then start after a few tries to turn it on. You may notice your dash lights or other features of your car try to turn on and fail.

The clicking noise is a probable sign the battery is almost dead or is dead already. It's worth mentioning that a clicking noise isn't always the battery, but that is a common cause. These noises can be from a starter or alternator, but it's usually the battery.

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