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Timing belt service on the Front Range of Colorado


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Timing belts

If you're like most people, you probably don't think about your timing belt very often. But it's an important part of your car, and it's essential to get it serviced regularly. A timing belt failure can be catastrophic, so it's important to make sure that your timing belt is in good condition and is properly serviced. In this blog post, we'll talk about the importance of timing belt service and what to expect when you have your belt serviced. We'll also discuss some of the common symptoms of a failing timing belt so that you can be aware of them and take action if necessary.

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What is a timing belt?

Your vehicle’s timing belt is a vital component of your vehicle that allows your engine to run smoothly and properly. It also often runs your vehicle's water pump. A broken timing belt will cause complete engine failure and may cause extensive engine damage which may require lengthy and expensive repairs. That is why it is important to have your timing belt inspected regularly and to have your timing belt replaced as soon as it begins to dry out or crack. At EAS Tire & Auto our ASE certified technicians are experienced and specially trained to replace timing belts on all makes and models of vehicles. Our mechanics can assist with all repairs concerning your vehicle’s timing belt. A timing belt service is critical to maintain the life of your engine.

Our techs are highly skilled in timing belt replacement

Why does your vehicle need a timing belt?

Your vehicle’s timing belt is essentially what keeps your vehicle’s engine running. Belts can often snap or break and naturally wear over time with normal use. We recommend that your vehicle’s belts are inspected at least once a year, but our mechanics will check your timing belt each time you visit our shop to make sure there is no visible cracking or damage. A timing belt will also be recommend for replacement if there is an issue with the water pump. The water pump is another crucial element to your vehicle that is usually timing belt driven.

An engine replacement

What is included in a timing belt replacement

The timing belt replacement cost can and will vary depending on a few different factors. Most water pumps on a vehicle are timing belt driven and the two often go hand in hand. In this case, we replace a timing belt kit that includes a water pump replacement, tensioner, pulley, and any other critical components in that area. The timing belt is often underneath the timing cover and can be difficult to get to. It also makes the timing belt difficult to see, which is why it is critical to replace a timing belt at the correct interval. The labor required to remove and replace the timing belt will vary by manufacturer and engine size. If your vehicle has a timing chain, then you do not have a manufacturer recommended interval and you only have to address it if the timing chain encounters a problem.

When should a timing belt be replaced?

If your vehicle has a timing belt, there is a manufacturer recommended mileage interval for when it should be replaced. Every vehicle owner's manual

Do not wait until it is too late

The following symptoms can indicate a problem with a belt in your vehicle:

  • Engine failure

  • Grinding noises while driving

  • Lack of power

  • Vibrating while driving

  • Vehicle “slipping”


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Better to be safe than sorry before the timing belt breaks

Don’t wait until a belt brakes in your vehicle causing a stressful breakdown and major damage. If you notice any of the issues above or it’s been awhile since you had your vehicle inspected, bring your vehicle into one of our Eagle Auto repair shops. We will run computer diagnostics and perform a visual inspection of your vehicle to determine the exact cause of the issue. Our mechanics will get you back on the road safely and quickly. 

Timing belt service you can trust

At EAS Tire & Auto in Colorado, we are a family-owned and operated auto repair facility dedicated to providing professional and friendly service. We have 12 locations around the Littleton, Centennial, Wheat Ridge and Colorado Springs areas for your convenience. We stand by our automotive work with an outstanding 4 year/48,000 mile warranty on most repairs and services. If your timing belt breaks, make sure to bring it to a shop you can trust.

Critical maintenance

Your car's engine is a finely tuned machine. Like all machines, it needs regular care and maintenance to keep running smoothly. One of the most important aspects of engine maintenance is timing belt service. A broken timing belt can cause extensive damage to your engine, so it's important to have it serviced on a regular basis. In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of timing belt service and how to find a reputable mechanic to perform the work. Call today for a timing belt replacement service, no one wants to find out the hard way they have a bad timing belt.

Convenience and comfort

Our Napa AutoCare Center has a kid friendly waiting room equipped with free Wi-Fi so that you can wait for your vehicle comfortably. Our ASE certified technicians look forward to repairing your vehicle and keeping you and your family safe on the road.

If your vehicle needs a timing belt replacement, bring your vehicle to our experts at EAS Tire & Auto. We look forward to servicing your vehicle soon!

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