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Suspension Services in Colorado

Suspension Services in Colorado | EAS Tire & Auto

The suspension system in your car, truck, or SUV is an essential network of components that are needed to ensure that you can operate your vehicle safely and comfortably. This is particularly true when you must regularly travel over older streets or roadways that can immensely strain a vehicle’s suspension system. Thankfully, our suspension services in Colorado, here at EAS Tire & Auto, can help!

The vehicle's suspension system consists of struts, shocks, and coil springs that all must operate appropriately for the system to do its job. If you experience jolting or bumping when driving your vehicle over any road conditions, this is a sign that your vehicle's suspension system needs to be inspected and perhaps even repaired or replaced.

Here at EAS Tire & Auto, we offer complete suspension services for your car, truck, or SUV. Our expert automotive technicians have the experience to diagnose and address suspension issues with practically any make and model of vehicle you may drive.

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Common Suspension System Warning Signs

Timely maintenance and repairs are essential to the well-being of your vehicle. However, that means you’ll need to know precisely when to bring your vehicle to our auto shop. Some of the signs to look for include the following:

  • Your vehicle bottoms out
  • Your vehicle's front end dives or loses control during a sudden stop
  • Your car abnormally swerves when changing lanes
  • Your vehicle's front or rear sags

If you notice any of these conditions while operating your vehicle, stop by EAS Tire & Auto for our suspension services in Colorado. Our auto repair shops can identify the problem and determine if you need new shocks, struts, or another service. Just call us at 720-637-1004 to ask any questions you may have.

Proper Maintenance and Inspection of Vehicle Suspension

While our expert technicians can handle any of your suspension service needs, it is crucial that you understand what is involved when it comes to ensuring proper suspension for your car, truck, or SUV.

Below is some crucial information about each of the significant pieces of your vehicle’s suspension system:


Your vehicle's shocks are critical to ensuring measured resistance whenever your wheels move up or down. The shocks also help provide balance when the body of your car turns, particularly at higher speeds and over adverse road conditions. But over time, your shocks can wear from all of the stress put on them while driving, providing less of that needed measured resistance for your vehicle.

The shocks on your vehicle handle a lot of wear and tear with the constant motion of driving or bouncing along uneven pavement or the accidental rolling over of potholes and other roadway problems. Depending on the quality of the shocks installed and the quality of the road you travel, your shocks may last up to 30,000 miles in your vehicle.

However, do not wait that long to check the performance of your shocks. It is a good idea to have your shocks inspected annually through our suspension services in Colorado. As a regular maintenance item, we can help ensure they are operating at optimum performance and providing safe travel in your vehicle.


The struts in your vehicle help control spring and suspension movement while driving. This ensures that the tires on your car maintain proper contact with the road, particularly while traveling at higher speeds and over adverse road conditions. In some vehicles, the McPherson strut suspension system—the most common system used in most modern cars, trucks, and SUVs—includes shocks and coil springs integrated into one suspension unit. These struts are more expensive than traditional shocks and coils, but they offer a longer life when installed.

Of course, it is a good idea never to ignore the state of your struts, even if they are high-quality parts installed by our expert technicians. Struts can also experience significant wear, so it is also vital to have them inspected each year as well to ensure they are operating effectively.

Coil Springs

The coil springs in your vehicle work with your shocks and struts to ensure that your car, truck, or SUV does not bounce inappropriately or in a way that can cause damage or safety concerns. Moreover, the coil springs help provide a safe and stable ride while you operate your vehicle.

Like other mechanical components in your car, springs will weaken and wear over time. Along with other components in your suspension system, your springs should be inspected at least once a year. Here at EAS Tire & Auto, we can recommend and perform any maintenance or repairs that may be necessary for your coil springs.

Schedule Suspensions Services for Your Vehicle Today!

Don’t let your vehicle’s suspension issues go unaddressed. Contact our team here at EAS Tire & Auto for your trusted suspension services in Colorado. You can reach us by phone at 720-637-1004 or by booking your appointment online.

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