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Clutch Service on the Front Range of Colorado

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How the Clutch Works

Both automatic and manual vehicles have a clutch. If you have a manual transmission, you engage the clutch yourself by pushing the clutch pedal. If you have an automatic transmission, the clutch engages automatically.

The clutch is the middleman between your engine and transmission. Your engine uses gasoline to create horsepower. This power is then transferred to the transmission, which gives the power to the wheels.

The engine is always spinning when the vehicle is running. This causes the transmission to spin as well. However, when you want your car to stop, you'll need to disengage the transmission to prevent it from moving. This is what the clutch does. This allows your vehicle to remain still when the car is in neutral and allows you to change gears.

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Common Clutch Problems

At EAS Tire and Auto, we can repair any issues with your clutch. These include replacing your clutch, pressure plate, flywheel, and hydraulic parts.

Stuck or Sensitive Clutch

If your clutch is stuck or sticking, it will be very hard to push down. This is caused by too much pressure. You may notice that gear changes are rough. You may have grinding or vibration when changing gears or lurching with gear changes.

If your clutch is sensitive, the transmission will disengage as soon as you push the pedal. When it's functioning correctly, you should push it down a few inches before it disengages the transmission.

Slipping Clutch

Your clutch may also slip. This generally occurs when the clutch is under extra pressure. You may notice it when you are going uphill, or attempting to pass another car.

When a clutch is slipping, it won't engage and disengage properly. It may come out of gear without you using the clutch. It also makes it harder to shift gears and stay in the right gear.

Soft Clutch

If your clutch is soft or spongy, it can indicate that your brake fluid is low. This causes problems with the clutch slave cylinder. Air in the clutch line is another potential cause.

Burning or Smoke

Do you notice a burning smell when you are driving? If you smell burning rubber when you use your clutch, it is likely overheating. Allow it to cool before driving it to EAS Tire and Auto to be repaired.

Along with the smell, you may notice smoke coming from under your engine. This is another sign that your clutch is overheating.

Clutch Noises

Clutch noises are also an indication of a problem. Growls and squeaks are the most common noises you may hear. You may also notice chirps or rattling.

Problems That Cause Immediate Clutch Failure

One cause of immediate clutch failure is a broken or loose clutch cable. A leaking hydraulic line can also cause your clutch to fail. These lines should be replaced.

Issues with the pressure plate or throwout bearing are also common. A dirty or worn clutch disc or a failed master/slave cylinder will also cause immediate clutch issues.

If any of these parts malfunction, they should be replaced.

It's also possible to get air in the lines. If this happens, your clutch lines need to be bled to remove the air.

Problems that Cause Gradual Failure

Other clutch problems can cause issues over time. These include a stretched cable or a bent linkage. A failing master/slave cylinder and low hydraulic fluid are also common. Lastly, a broken motor or transmission mount can also cause a gradual clutch failure.

If your clutch is malfunctioning, replacing the faulty components early can prevent more serious issues.

Why Choose EAS Tire

If you notice any issues with your clutch, you should bring it to EAS Tire and Auto quickly. If you continue to drive your vehicle with clutch problems, it puts more pressure on other parts, which can cause them to wear or break as well.

We can diagnose any problems with your clutch and repair it if necessary. We can also fill your clutch fluid and bleed the lines to help you maintain your clutch.

We provide excellent customer service and repair each vehicle with integrity. Our technicians are ASE-certified, and we have an A+ rating with the BBB. If you are looking for a full-service auto shop in Littleton, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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