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Check Engine Light Diagnostics in Colorado

General Information About Check Engine Light Service

At EAS Tire & Auto, we've seen our share of vehicles with check engine lights glowing, as you can imagine, especially since we opened our doors in 2004.

While this warning triggers a great deal of concern in a vehicle owner, it's not always as bad as you think. And even when it is to alert you of a major issue with your vehicle, we're still available to assist.

What That Check Engine Light Could Mean

Despite having the word "engine" in its name, this particular alert doesn't always mean a problem with the engine, though we do still check engine system, as well. It can be as simple as a loose gas cap! We won't know until we dig into why the check engine light has illuminated and we do this by running what we call check engine light diagnostics. 

Transmission Problems

It could also mean you have an issue with your transmission. While it doesn't always happen when you have a transmission problem, the check engine light may appear when one occurs because it's part of the drive train.

Exhaust Issues

Problems with the exhaust could also lead to the check engine light gaining your attention. For instance, it may mean your oxygen sensor is failing. This particular part of your vehicle is responsible for monitoring how much oxygen, a byproduct of the combustion process, is in your exhaust system. It's an indication of how efficiently your vehicle is burning gas. It'll let you know when the oxygen levels in the exhaust drop, and when this happens, it means a change in how well fuel is being used.

Another exhaust problem that could trigger the check engine light is the catalytic converter. When this part of your car isn't working properly, it could hinder your engine's performance. It also means your fuel economy won't be as high. The catalytic converter's job is to filter dangerous byproducts from the exhaust gases. It then burns these gases and lessens harmful emissions.

Engine-Related Concerns

Is it time to check engine? Spark plugs play the vital role of starting the combustion process that your vehicle requires to start.

As you can imagine, carbon deposits can accumulate on them and hinder them from functioning. And it's possible they'll stop working over time as they become worn out. Ultimately, these can lead to misfires and the check engine light turning on.

Your mass airflow sensor — located between the intake manifold and air filter — has the responsibility of measuring the amount of oxygen going to your engine. It alters you when the fuel-to-air ratio is off. This gas is necessary for combustion. Specifically, oxygen reacts with gas to power your engine.

A number of internal engine problems could also cause this light to illuminate and we use engine diagnostics and other diagnostic tests, including checking engine performance, to learn why the check engine light turns on.

Why You Shouldn't Ignore the Check Engine Light

It can be tempting to ignore when that light starts to shine on your dashboard. But, although it could be a minor issue or one that can wait, it's not always the case.

There are a number of reasons why it could be occurring. And if you don't address some of those concerns, they progressively get worse. As they do, you could find yourself needing a much more costly repair. You also have to deal with the stress of not having your vehicle for as long as it takes to fix it.

What to Do if the Check Engine Light Appears

It doesn't matter whether the check engine light is flashing or steady; it's not one you want to ignore because it could mean various issues, some of which are serious.

Ultimately, what you want to do is contact EAS Tire & Auto as soon as you can. The problem may only worsen as it doesn't receive the necessary auto care.

Once you schedule your appointment, we'll connect your vehicle to our diagnostic machine and determine the problem. You may breathe a sigh of relief that it isn't as bad as you thought. Even if it is a major problem, you can feel confident that our expert technicians can handle the problem. We'll also provide the repair in a timely manner, based on the time frame we discussed with you initially. You don't deserve to have to wait another minute more than you have to.

EAS Tire & Auto encourages you to reach out to us when you first notice your check engine light is on. We'll get to the root of the problem, ensure your engine is functioning as it should, and get that light to shut off!

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