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EAS Tire & Auto: Honoring Littleton's Past, Embracing the Future

At EAS Tire & Auto, we are proud to be an integral part of Littleton's rich history and bright future. Our unwavering commitment to providing top-quality service and repairs reflects our deep respect for the legacy and heritage of this remarkable city.

A Rich History

Littleton's history dates back to the late 1800s when it was first settled by ranchers who relied on the water from Bear Creek and its tributaries. The town owes its founding to Richard Sullivan Little, who arrived in the area during the Pike's Peak Gold Rush and played a pivotal role in shaping downtown Littleton as we know it today.

Over the years, Littleton flourished, becoming a key stop for railway lines and attracting new residents drawn to its favorable climate and scenic beauty. The town officially incorporated under Colorado State law in 1890, preserving its small-town charm and historic architecture while progressing forward.

Cultural Heritage and Educational Excellence

Littleton is home to a vibrant arts scene, with institutions like the Littleton Town Hall Arts Center and Hudson Gardens contributing to the city's cultural fabric. Additionally, educational institutions such as Littleton High School and Arapahoe Community College have played a crucial role in shaping the city's academic landscape, with a legacy that continues to thrive.

The city's love for knowledge is evident in the history of its libraries, which have evolved over the years to become vital hubs of learning and community engagement, offering access to a wealth of resources and programs for all ages.

Innovation and Legacy

Littleton's spirit of innovation is exemplified by figures like Harleigh Holmes, whose pioneering work in vehicle power systems left an indelible mark on the city. His contributions to 4-wheel drive technology and vehicle manufacturing continue to be celebrated, serving as a testament to Littleton's history of ingenuity and progress.

A Thriving City

Today, Littleton stands as a vibrant city with a population of over 45,000, boasting a downtown area dotted with historic buildings, unique shops, and diverse dining options. The city's parks and recreational offerings make it a haven for both locals and visitors seeking outdoor enjoyment.

At EAS Tire & Auto, we are deeply connected to our community and are dedicated to its flourishing. We take pride in serving our neighbors with top-notch service, being actively involved in local sponsorships, and continually expanding our reach to assist more individuals. Our commitment to Littleton's bright future is unwavering, and we are passionate about contributing to the ongoing success of this remarkable city.

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