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Brake Repair Services in Colorado

The brakes on your vehicle are a vital component that keeps you safe on the road, possibly stopping you in the nick of time when needed. However, for them to do their job properly, they must be in working order. Fortunately, at EAS Tire & Auto, with several locations in Colorado, we can assist in keeping your brakes functioning correctly with our brake repair services.

Signs of Brake Trouble

First and foremost, you need to look out for signs you need brake service, such as your brake repair light is illuminating. This light indicates your brakes either need routine servicing or a problem is occurring.

In newer vehicles, you often don't just have the brake or ABS light either; you may also have the following:

  • Brake pad indicator
  • Parking brake indicator
  • Brake fluid indicator

Typically, your brakes won't make any noise, so when they start making sounds, like grinding, squeaking, or squealing when you hit the brake pedal, it may mean your brakes need to be serviced by a pro. For instance, the squealing could mean you need a professional to replace your brake pads.

Other signs of an issue include:

  • Burning smell when braking
  • Pulsing or vibrating brakes
  • Car pulling to one side when you brake
  • Loss of brake power
  • Needing to place more pressure on the brake than normal
  • Soft or spongy brakes
  • Brake fluid leak

Routine Brake Maintenance

Routinely, brake lines require regular bleeding and fluid replacement to work optimally. Fortunately, our technicians are here to perform this brake service as your vehicle requires, saving you the time and hassle of doing it yourself while giving you peace of mind. Regularly, you also need to check your entire brake system including brake pads, rotors, brake lines/brake hoses, brake fluid, brake pedal, master cylinder, and calipers, which we can also evaluate when you bring your vehicle to us for periodic maintenance or auto repair.The team at our auto repair shop - EAS Tire & Auto

 Our Auto Repair Shop Preventative Maintenance Services Include:

  1. Brake Fluid Flush: Over time, brake fluid can become contaminated or deteriorate, affecting braking performance. We recommend regular brake fluid flushes during brake service to ensure optimal brake system operation.
  2. Brake Pad Replacement: Brake pads wear out over time due to friction. We recommend regular inspections and timely replacement of worn brake pads to prevent damage to other brake components in addition to the brake pads.
  3. Rotor Resurfacing: Warped or unevenly worn brake rotors can cause vibrations and pulsations when braking. Our rotor resurfacing service restores smooth braking performance and extends the life of your rotors with this brake repair service.
  4. Caliper Maintenance: Stuck or malfunctioning brake calipers can lead to uneven brake pad wear and poor braking performance. Our technicians inspect and service brake calipers to ensure proper operation.

Types of Brake Repairs We Perform

Besides any kind of regular maintenance and brake inspection, our technicians can perform brake repairs as well. For instance, let's say your brake light appeared, and you're unsure why. You can bring your automobile to us, and we'll diagnose the problem by listening to your concerns and assessing the issue ourselves. We can then perform the necessary repairs.

Our technicians have experience replacing new brake pads, shoes, and lines. Our skilled team can also do caliper replacement and various other components of your braking system.

Like with the process for correcting a lit-up brake light, diagnosing your brake problem when your brakes aren't functioning normally is the same. We listen to your concerns and inspect what we notice when your vehicle brakes. Once we're aware of the problem, a mechanic from our team will correct it, ensuring it's done properly.

Why Choose Us for Your Brake Repair and Maintenance

At EAS Tire & Auto, all our technicians completed the necessary training to perform brake maintenance and execute any braking repair you can imagine.

But there's more reason to choose us. For one, we genuinely care about the safety and well-being of you and your family. We realize that diagnosing, treating, and maintaining such a vital system in your vehicle requires precision and a desire to perform the job correctly. And that's just what we offer at our shop — technicians dedicated to performing the job right every time for the sake of your safety.

Customer satisfaction is also at the top of our list of concerns. We want our customers to leave our shop happy to have worked with us because we made the process as easy and stress-free for them as possible. That's why we work promptly and always meet the deadlines we discuss with you.

Integrity and honesty are at the top of our list as well. You've probably been to a shop that quotes you one fee but adds on a number of other unexpected charges by the end. We provide you with an accurate quote from the beginning. If the unexpected arises while we're working on your automobile, we'll come to you first and explain the situation so you're never caught by surprise with a bill from us.

EAS Tire & Auto provides brake services for various makes and models of cars. Our ASE-certified technicians will accurately diagnose any problems and repair them properly. We're also available for routine brake servicing to ensure your brakes are always ready to stop when you are!

Mon - Fri: 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM