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Tire Services in Colorado

Nothing is more critical to the safety of your vehicle than a good set of tires. Your car, truck, or SUV must have quality tires to ensure you always maintain the most control possible. Furthermore, car tires go through an extensive amount of wear and tear, so it's essential to monitor and maintain them and the system used to scan them. Here at EAS Tire & Auto, we can handle all of your tire needs with our first-class tire services in Colorado.

Our Comprehensive Tire Services

When your vehicle has a pressing issue with the tires it is equipped with, the Tire Pressure Monitoring System will activate. This system, also known as TPMS, is your vehicle's way of alerting you to problems with your tires. From overinflation and underinflation to uneven tire wear and warnings of imminent tire failure, the TPMS system can relay a lot of information not only to you, as the driver, but also to our EAS team.

When you see your TPMS light illuminate on your dash (it's that horseshoe-shaped light surrounding an exclamation point), that's an alert telling you that something is not right with one or more of your vehicle's tires. Thankfully, you can schedule an appointment with EAS Tire & Auto, and we will inspect your tires and TPMS system to identify and resolve the problem.

Tips for Resolving TPMS Warnings Yourself

There are also a few things you can do before seeking out tire services in Colorado, that may resolve the problem and turn off your TPMS light:

  • Check your tire pressure to determine if there is over or under-inflation in any of the tires.
  • If under-inflated, add air to the tire until it reaches the correct pressure—the correct tire pressure for your vehicle is found on the driver's door jamb and in the vehicle owner's manual. Underinflation could also be a sign that one of your tires is punctured or damaged in some other way, so keep a close eye on your TPMS light to see if it comes back on.
  • If over-inflated, carefully allow air to escape until the correct pressure is achieved, as per your vehicle’s owner’s manual.
  • Check your tire wear for uneven tread, which can occur if one or more is over or underinflated. Over-inflated tires will prematurely wear in the center of the tread, while under-inflated tires will show premature wear on the outer edges of the tread. In both cases, this type of wear can lead to premature failure of your tire if it is not dealt with as quickly as possible.

It's possible your TPMS light will come on without any problems related to your tires. Instead, it may be your TPMS that needs to be checked. For example, if the TPMS light on your dashboard flashes for about 60 to 90 seconds when you start the vehicle and then stays on while your car is operating, this could be an indication that the TPMS light is not working correctly. This essential, early alert is critical for your car, truck, or SUV, so schedule an appointment with EAS Tire & Auto to have the TPMS system inspected and replaced if necessary.

Top-Notch Tire Maintenance

Your tires are carrying the most precious cargo you have—family and friends. You can keep those tires running smoothly and safely with tire services in Colorado, which EAS Tire & Auto is happy to provide. Our tire upkeep services include:

Tire Rotation

Tire wear and tear is unavoidable. By routinely having your tires rotated, you can ensure that they wear down evenly, which can be an assurance of your safety while driving. Tire rotation is also crucial to ensure that you obtain the maximum life possible from the tires.

Tire Balancing

Your vehicle's tires must be properly balanced to ensure the smoothest ride possible, to promote equal wear of the tire tread, and to extend the life of your tires. Our expert technicians can check your tire balancing and add small weights to the wheels to balance them appropriately if needed, limiting vibration when you drive. Tire balancing is also necessary when you install new tires when the wheels vibrate while driving, and when the tires are repaired.

Tire Alignment

Proper tire alignment, or wheel alignment, ensures that your vehicle handles at an optimum level and maintains its direction during operation without veering in one direction. Proper alignment helps extend the life of your tires, as well.

Quality Tire Replacements

As you can see, you can extend your vehicle's life through proper inspection, maintenance, and tire services in Colorado. However, even with the most diligent maintenance, your tires will need to be replaced eventually. When that time comes, our team here at EAS Tire & Auto can help!

A few signs that your tires certainly need replacement include:

  • Worn Treads: The most common and best-known indicator that tires need to be replaced is tread depth. As the tire tread wears evenly, there should always be at least 2/32nds of an inch tread depth remaining in all areas of the tire.
  • Side Punctures: When a nail or some other sharp object punctures a tire in the tread section, chances are it can be repaired with a combination plug-patch. But tires cannot be safely repaired if the puncture is in an area that is vulnerable to flexing, like the shoulder or in the tire's sidewall. It also is not safe to repair a puncture that is more than a quarter of an inch in diameter or when it is next to another puncture that would require the patches to overlap.
  • Uneven Tread: When the inside or outside of a tire's shoulder has considerable wear, significantly more than the center tread section, it is likely the tire will have to be replaced.
  • Tread Bulges: A bulge in a tire occurs when air gets between the tire's inner line and the outer rubber layers. This can happen when a tire suddenly hits a curb or a pothole. These bulges cannot be repaired and require the tire to be replaced.

Schedule Your Tire Services in Colorado

If your tires are in need of one of our services, don’t hesitate to reach out today! You can reach our team here by phone at 720-637-1004 or by booking your appointment online.

Mon - Fri: 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM