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Tires Services on the Front Range of Colorado

Having a good set of tires on your vehicle is essential to your safety on the road. Good quality tires will ensure proper traction, which is necessary for your ability to steer and control your car. At EAS Tire & Auto in Littleton and Wheatridge, CO, our ASE-certified technicians are experienced and qualified to perform tire services on all makes and models of vehicles to keep your tires in excellent condition. Whether your Tire Pressure Monitoring System light has turned on or your vehicle needs a wheel alignment or service, our experts can help.

If your vehicle’s Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) light has turned on, this is an indication that one or more of your tires is under-inflated by at least 25%. A flashing TPMS light usually means that there is a problem with the monitoring system itself. It is important to have a working TPMS to ensure that you are warned when your tires are under-inflated, and your safety is at risk. Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems can malfunction when a sensor fails or a problem occurs within the system. The system itself has a battery within the sensor with a life of about 5-10 years. If you see your TPMS light appear, bring your vehicle into our Littleton auto repair shop as soon as possible. Ignoring a system error can lead to flat tires or blowouts if you continue to drive on underinflated tires.

Having proper wheel alignment will help you maintain control of your vehicle and prevent your tires from wearing down unevenly and excessively. If you suspect that your wheels are out of alignment, bring your vehicle to our experts and we will determine if an alignment is needed.

Signs you may need a wheel alignment include:

  • Car pulls to one side
  • Steering wheel vibrates while driving
  • Uneven tire wear

Any of the symptoms above can indicate that your wheels are out of alignment. Your tires can be forced out of alignment by a number of occurrences, including hitting curbs, road debris, potholes, and speed bumps.

Keeping your tires in good working condition is always important to keep safe on the road. Low tire pressure or out-of-balance tires can cause your tires to wear down excessively and lose traction. Tire rotations are another important service that ensures that each tire wears down at the same speed. It consists of moving your tire’s positions, for example, moving the front driver’s side to the back passenger’s side, and so forth. How often to rotate tires varies, but is typically recommended at every oil change.

Signs you may be due for a tire service include:

  • Low tire pressure
  • Vehicle vibrates while driving
  • Uneven tire wear

At EAS Tire & Auto, we proudly boast 9 convenient locations in the Littleton and Wheatridge, CO, areas. We are a family-owned and operated auto repair facility dedicated to providing professional and friendly service. We stand by our automotive work with an outstanding 4 year/48,000-mile warranty on most repairs, and we offer kid-friendly waiting rooms equipped with free Wi-Fi so that you can wait for your vehicle comfortably. Our ASE-certified technicians look forward to repairing your vehicle and keeping you and your family safe on the road.

If your vehicle needs a tire repair or service in Littleton or Wheatridge, CO, bring your vehicle to our experts at EAS Tire & Auto. We look forward to servicing your vehicle soon!

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