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Fluid Suspension in Colorado

Here at EAS Tire & Auto, we understand that every vehicle is as unique as the drivers who own and operate them daily—and our services for your vehicle's fluid suspension in Colorado are here to help!

What Are Fluid Suspensions?

Some drivers opt to change their suspension systems, installing a customizable hydraulic suspension designed to offer a smoother, more adjustable ride. These changes to a vehicle's suspension can be expensive, include more complex suspension components and systems, and typically require more maintenance over time. This can also lead to higher costs later on for the car, truck, or SUV owner.

Our expert technicians at EAS Tire & Auto can help you with your suspension needs, including hydraulic suspension systems that rely on hydraulic fluids and four independent dampers. This is why it is known as fluid suspension.

Why Choose a Fluid Suspension?

The advantage of having a fluid suspension in Colorado is that it can be customized to the vehicle owner's preferences. This means you can lift or lower your vehicle's shocks to varying heights depending on your preferences and road conditions. Moreover, a hydraulic suspension can allow you to raise one end of your car higher or lower than the other. This is perhaps the most common use of fluid suspension in vehicles and offers an aesthetic sought by the owner.

Fluid Suspensions Demand Quality Maintenance

One disadvantage of fluid suspension is that it has more components, and that makes it vulnerable to repairs and the related expenses associated with them. With hydraulic suspension, each of the four dampers can add or decrease pressure with minimum controls. This is what makes moving the vehicle up or down possible, and this movement of the car can be created as much as the owner wants.

Instead of using springs like a traditional suspension system, this fluid suspension uses compressed gas and oil to handle the jolts and bumps of the road. When your vehicle travels over a bump, the fluid suspension system helps distribute the force of the bump through the tires, wheels, and vehicle frame. This can offer a smoother ride in the vehicle over adverse conditions but requires different components to work during the process.

As such, if you want to ensure the optimal functionality of your vehicle's fluid suspension in Colorado, you should reach out to our team at EAS Tire & Auto. Feel free to call our team at 720-637-1004 to ask any questions that you may have!

Liquid Suspension Components to Maintain

Because of its customizable options, many different parts must be maintained in a vehicle's hydraulic suspension. This is where a trusted auto repair shop like EAS comes in handy.

When hitting a bump, the vehicle's wheel sends oil from one chamber to another through a damper value. Each chamber has a diaphragm, which takes in the fluid and generates a force that collides with compressed gas. The hydraulic suspension system's liquid creates pressure to help keep the tires firmly on the ground. These components must be maintained, and the fluid suspension must be inspected on a regular basis to ensure proper operation.

Furthermore, a hydraulic suspension system has a reservoir that holds the fluid, which is transmitted by hydraulic lines to all four corners of a vehicle. A chamber is located in each corner containing fluid that regulates a car's rebound, spring, and damping. The vehicle maintains a smooth and comfortable ride with this suspension system even when a driver encounters harsh road conditions because these components work together to react immediately. However, these components also need regular inspection and maintenance to continue operating correctly.

Maintenance and Inspections for Fluid Suspensions

The entire hydraulic suspension must have regular maintenance and upkeep to work correctly. Unfortunately, maintenance of these systems can be tricky because most shops will not work on them or do not have the experience to do so. But don't worry—our EAS Tire & Auto team can help! We have first-class experts trained in this technology and ready to inspect your fluid suspension system and conduct any necessary maintenance or repairs.

Plan Your Next Trip to EAS Tire & Auto Now!

It is critical that you have an expert technician conduct an inspection and perform the necessary service of hydraulic suspension systems at least once a year to avoid any serious problems or complications. Here at EAS Tire & Auto, we can help you skillfully discover and resolve these issues. So, if you need help with your fluid suspension in Colorado, don't hesitate to contact our team at 720-637-1004. Alternatively, feel free to book your appointment online today!

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