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Alternator Repair and Service in Colorado

Your car's alternator is responsible for charging the battery and distributing electricity throughout your vehicle. Learn about some of the key parts of an alternator. Then, review some of the services that we offer to inspect and repair vehicles.

Alternator's Purpose

A faulty alternator won't provide your vehicle with the power it needs. If the alternator is damaged, the battery won't recharge. An alternator is made up of a stationary component, a voltage regulator, and a rotor. All of these parts work interchangeably to provide a vehicle with the power it needs to operate properly.

Common Problems

A slow-starting vehicle or a vehicle that fails to start at all may need a new alternator. If a vehicle is equipped with a faulty alternator, the owner of the vehicle may require the use of jumper cables.

The jumper cables are used to power up a vehicle's battery. A vehicle owner doesn't need to continue relying upon the use of jumper cables, however.

At EAS Tire, we have trained technicians available to inspect a car that may be equipped with a faulty alternator. An automotive technician who is trained to perform this type of repair will provide a vehicle owner with an analysis of their findings.

Replacement Parts

We carry a full line of automotive products, including OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts and aftermarket parts. The mechanic who performs the preliminary inspection will provide a customer with pricing details for each alternator product that a customer can select from.

Service Appointment

A vehicle owner who is experiencing car troubles will need to make an appointment to have the alternator replaced. At EAS Tire, a customer can request that the alternator is replaced individually or is replaced during an appointment that is going to require other services to be performed.


Once one of our automotive technicians has diagnosed an issue with a vehicle, they will provide the vehicle owner with a quote for the repair work. The quote provides a customer with a cost estimate for the repair work that is required. A customer is not obligated to have the work completed right away. They can take their time to decide if they would like to have their car serviced.

Time Estimate

Many drivers rely upon their vehicles to transport them on a daily basis. Because we know how valuable each of our customer's time is, we provide transparency concerning how long it will take for repair work to be completed. The mechanic who will be replacing an alternator will provide a time estimate before the scheduled service appointment.

Customer Conveniences

If a customer requires the use of a car while a repair is being done, they can request information about loaner cars. A customer doesn't have to leave the premises while a repair is underway. They are welcome to wait at our company while their car is being serviced.

If a service appointment isn't scheduled to take long, it may be more convenient for the customer to wait at our company.

Other Services

Our mechanics are certified to work on domestic and foreign vehicles. The following services are offered.

  • Diagnostic testing
  • Battery replacements
  • Fluid flushes
  • Tire rotations
  • Motor inspections and repairs
  • Transmission tests and repairs
  • Fluid checks
  • Light checks
  • Brake inspections and replacements

These are just some of the services that our technicians offer. For a full breakdown of the services that a particular car needs, a customer is welcome to contact one of our mechanics.


Failing to maintain a vehicle could result in a car operating poorly or failing to operate at all. Each mechanic who is assigned to service a vehicle will consult with the vehicle owner about the maintenance that is required to keep their vehicle in good condition.

End Notes

Now that you know a little bit about alternator issues and repairs, you may want to schedule an appointment to have your vehicle serviced. Contact us at your earliest convenience.

Provide one of our mechanics with some basic information about your vehicle. The mechanic who you speak to will guide you in setting up a service appointment that will address any issues that you have been experiencing.

Mon - Fri: 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM