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Auto Glass Services in Colorado

Automotive glass that is chipped or cracked could hinder a driver's ability to maintain their safety. Learn about automotive glass and some of the services we offer at EAS Tire.

Automotive Glass

Automotive glass is a type of safety glass. Laminated glass and tempered glass are used to manufacture glass that is found in automobiles. These types of glass won't shatter like other types of glass that are not treated.

Automotive glass can be tinted. The tinting process is often done when a vehicle is manufactured. If a vehicle wasn't manufactured with a tinted window film added to the glass, the owner of a vehicle can have a tinted window film added if they prefer.

Glass Issues

Although automotive glass is strong, it can become damaged. Driving in hazardous conditions could cause the glass to break. Rocks and other debris could cause glass to chip or crack.

If glass damage isn't repaired promptly, the damage could become worse. Glass issues could cause serious accidents. A crack in a windshield, for instance, could impair a driver's vision and result in them being involved in an accident.

Insurance Claims

At EAS Tire, our mechanics can assist a customer with the insurance claims process. Filing an insurance claim will prevent a customer from being responsible for the cost of a replacement piece of glass. If a customer isn't going to be filing an insurance claim, they can seek a cost estimate for the repair or replacement work that is needed.

Glass Repairs

Our technicians inspect the glass before it is repaired. During an inspection, a certified technician will determine how severe the damage to a glass pane is. If the glass can be salvaged, a filling agent will be used to repair the glass. Epoxy or a similar product is waterproof and will seal the damaged section of glass. A section of glass that is repaired will be resilient to wind and rain.

Glass Replacements

If damage to a section of glass is severe, one of our technicians may recommend that it is replaced. This type of repair will require the automotive technician to measure the damaged section of glass.

An OEM (original equipment manufacturer) or aftermarket piece of glass that has the same dimensions will be used to replace the damaged glass. A glass replacement project can often be conducted quickly. We carry a full line of glass products that can be used to replace windshields and windows.

Care Techniques

Our automotive technicians know about the care techniques that a vehicle owner should use to preserve the condition of automotive glass. The list below highlights some of the strategies that one of our customers can use.

  • Use gentle cleaning clothes
  • Use approved cleaning agents for automotive glass
  • Avoid parking in areas with low-lying branches
  • Park in covered areas
  • Avoid placing anything heavy on the windshield
  • Avoid the use of abrasive cleaning tools

These care techniques will prevent glass from becoming chipped, scratched, or cracked.

Vehicle Storage

The owner of a vehicle shouldn't leave their car or truck unprotected when they aren't driving it. They should attempt to park their vehicle in a garage or under an overhang when possible. Using a garage or an overhang when storing a car will prevent damage to a vehicle when it is not occupied.

The proper storage of a vehicle will also prevent the sun's rays from damaging the tint on a vehicle. If a vehicle is stored indoors or under an overhang, the temperature within the vehicle can be regulated.

End Notes

Now that you have familiarized yourself with some basic glass issues and repairs contact us at EAS Tire for any glass issues that you are experiencing. Our qualified technicians are familiar with glass products that are used on foreign and domestic vehicles.

A mechanic will set up an appointment to have the glass on your vehicle inspected. Then, you can decide if the repair or replacement that is needed is something that you would like to pursue.

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