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The Top 5 Auto Repair Services You'll Need in Your Lifetime

Brian Bates

While auto repair varies from vehicle to vehicle, there are certain services that are nearly impossible to do without. On top of just taking your vehicle to the shop whenever you suspect an issue, there are five important auto repair or maintenance services you will need to stay on top of to ensure your vehicle’s reliability on the road.

The 5 Most Necessary Auto Repair Services 

Oil and Oil Filter Changes

In order for your vehicle’s engine to operate properly, it’s essential that it has an adequate supply of good, clean oil. However, over time, your vehicle’s oil can gather dirt and debris that can clog your oil filters and limit the oil’s flow to your engine. When this is unresolved, your engine builds up more friction between its moving parts, which could lead to overheating and other engine issues. You should expect to change your vehicle’s oil at least every six months or according to your vehicle manufacturer’s specifications. As the oil filter can also accumulate debris and become clogged, it goes without saying that it also must be replaced each time you get an oil change.

New Tires

Even if you have new tires with your vehicle, they won’t last forever. After a while, tires tend to lose their depth and tread, which can affect several aspects of how your vehicle drives, from its resistance to hydroplaning to how well you can control the vehicle. However, tires can also be affected by several other factors unrelated to regular wear and tear. The top two reasons why tires deteriorate faster than they’re supposed to include improper alignment and inconsistent tire air pressure.

Battery Replacement

A vehicle’s battery usually needs to be replaced every four to five years or more, depending on the quality of your battery and the type of vehicle you own. Batteries in RVs or motor vehicles are usually built to last between 5 to 7 years, but again, several factors can also affect battery life. Long periods of inactivity or infrequent usage can cause your vehicle’s battery life to drain or weaken.

Engine Tune-up

A full engine tune-up requires checking your vehicle’s engine for any components that need cleaning, repair, or replacement. These parts may include your vehicle’s spark plugs, wires, filters, hoses, and belts, and the auto repair service may also include checking your vehicle for its emission levels. Since your engine is basically one of the primary “organs” of your vehicle, it’s important to have it checked regularly to avoid premature vehicle failure.

Inspections and Maintenance

Aside from only getting auto repair when you need it, it’s crucial to keep your vehicle in good working order by scheduling regular inspections or maintenance. These services may include any of the four services mentioned above, as well as any necessary fluid top-offs, electrical diagnostics, filter and part replacements, and wheel balancing. When scheduling your vehicle for maintenance, it’s imperative that you work with an experienced auto repair technician who can diagnose all of your vehicle’s potential issues thoroughly and provide the necessary solutions using the right methods and only high-quality and genuine parts.

Where to Find Top-Rated Auto Repair in Littleton, CO

For top-rated inspections and auto repair in Littleton, CO, visit or reach out to EAS Tire & Auto today. To schedule an appointment, please don’t hesitate to contact us today, so we can get your vehicle up and running as soon as possible.

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