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3 Cars Perfect For New Drivers

Brian Bates

New drivers have the task of figuring out the perfect car to get as their first ever. This can be quite confusing with all the makes, models, and trims, especially if you get technical and look at the specs. There are a lot of options but we have stopped at only three to make your vehicle purchasing journey that much easier. The first one is a compact hatchback, perfect for everyday driving. The second is a sedan with enough storage and leg room for all kinds of activities. And the last one is a compact SUV with good ground clearance and a stylish appearance. Keep in mind that there is no year for the models because it depends on the budget and your preference.

VW Golf

The VW Golf platform is one of the most sold vehicles across the world. Everything from the first generation to the newest 2023 models has been a crowd favorite because of its appearance, performance, fuel efficiency, and comfort. You can find the Golf with all sorts of engines and trims, so there will most certainly be one for you - they typically range from 100 HP to 400 HP. In general, it's a great, reliable car perfect for parking and new drivers because of its small size.

Honda Civic

As one of Honda's most famous vehicles, you probably know about the Civic. It's a four-door sedan with a big trunk and great fuel efficiency. Some models have Honda's most reliable engine, the "K" series. Prices on the used market range from around $10k to $45k for the "Type R" trim. It's a great car with even greater fuel efficiency as mentioned above - around 40 MPG.

Ford Bronco

Now comes the SUV on our list, or to be exact compact SUV. The Ford Bronco has one of the most recognizable designs that also carries to the newer versions. They have a sleeker yet aggressive look. Engines range from a 2.3L EcoBoost inline-4 to a 2.7L EcoBoost V6. It has a very durable chassis, big wheels, and a lot of ground clearance, making it capable of off-roading. If you are into the look of SUVs but want a more compact version, the Bronco is just for you.

If you have problems with your vehicle after making a choice and purchasing it, make sure to stop by EAS Tire & Auto. Our team works on a wide range of makes and models, which can be seen in the "Vehicles" tab.


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