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5 Most Important Lights on Your Dashboard

Brian Bates

Car Dashboard

Your car has the technology to do amazing things. The most impressive technology is your vehicle's ability to communicate to you when something has gone wrong. It does this through the warning light system on your dashboard. Here are five of the most important lights to know:

Low Engine Oil Pressure

  • What Does it Look Like? This light looks like an old oil can symbol.
  • What Can it Mean? This can mean a serious problem with the oil filter or pump. Take your car to an auto repair shop immediately to investigate the complete engine oil system. Ignoring this light can cause irreparable damage to your engine.

Electrical System Fault

  • What Does it Look Like? This light looks like a car battery.
  • What Can it Mean? This can mean a problem somewhere in the car's electrical charging system. The battery might not be charging properly or is damaged. This could lead to not being able to restart the engine so it is best to get it checked.

Coolant Temperature Light

  • What Does it Look Like? This symbol looks like a thermometer being dipped in water.
  • What Can it Mean? Your engine may be overheating due to the engine coolant rising to a temperature higher than maximum operating temperature. It is best to stop the engine, let it cool down and call your local repair shop for assistance.

Check Engine

  • What Does it Look Like? It looks like an outline image of an engine block.
  • What Can it Mean? This symbol strikes fear in every driver because it can mean any number of serious issues with your engine. Do not try to diagnose this light yourself if no other signs are coming from your vehicle. Bring it to a professional instead.

Tire Pressure Light

  • What Does it Look Like? Usually an image of a tire.
  • What Can it Mean? Check your tire pressure and fill with air to the correct pressure. You may have a puncture that needs repairing.

If you need warning light repair, we invite you to bring your vehicle to EAS Tire & Auto today!

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