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5 Signs That You Need A Car Service Near You Soon

Brian Bates

5 Signs That You Need A Car Service Near You Soon

Before you're walking to the car dealership with a debit card in hand, ready to drop some pocket change on a car that's nothing but trouble, it might be worth checking your car first.


Our auto repair mechanics at EAS Tire & Auto share 5 tell-tale signs to look out for when it's time for a car service. If you notice any of these five car service issues, it may be time for you to head out and get serviced sooner rather than later.

1. Your car is overheating.

This one should go without saying. If your car is overheating before it gets hot outside, then there are probably more problems at play under the hood. There are plenty of things that can lead your car to work harder and end up overheating, like not getting oil changes on time or failing emission checks. However, this particular issue is typically caused when your car's cooling system gets clogged up. This can be because of an improperly installed radiator cap, loose hoses, or old coolant that needs to be flushed out. When any of these problems are present, you'll need a car service in Littleton, CO, right away.

2. You're having trouble starting the ignition.

A jumpstart isn't always necessary if it's just the battery dying. But if your engine won't even turn over when you've tried everything to get it going, then there might be something wrong with your starter motor as well as other parts below the hood. This means an abrupt car service near you as soon as possible.

3. Your check engine light is on.

You may have noticed the yellow "check engine" light come on in your car. This means that there's a problem with one of the sensors in your vehicle. It could be anything from an open gas cap to faulty spark plugs, among other things. If any of these problems are present, they'll need to be fixed ASAP by car service professionals in Littleton, CO, before they lead to more expensive issues down the line.

4. You're finding rust on parts of your car.

Rust can quickly begin to form on metallic car parts that are exposed to the elements, like on your car's frame, chassis, or exterior. While you can easily remove some rust with a metal brush and oil, some rusted body parts will need professional attention. This is because rust can lead to weak structural support for your automobile and must be addressed by auto repair mechanics in Littleton, CO, right away.

5. The windshield wipers don't work.

Driving in rain storms can be problematic enough without having faulty windshield wipers that leave streaks everywhere behind them when they're turned on. This means it's time for a car service near you as soon as you notice this particular problem. If your windshield wipers do need replacing, then it's because they're either frozen to the windshield or worn down from excessive use and weather exposure over time.

Car Service Near Me – Littleton, CO

If you notice any of these five car service issues, it may be time for you to start googling for a car service near me. Fixing these issues as soon as they appear will help prevent future engine issues while also saving money in the long run. For more car service tips, feel free to call or visit EAS Tire & Auto at 10143 W Chatfield Ave Ste 18, Littleton, CO 80127. You may also schedule an appointment.


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