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6 Signs Your Car Needs an Oil Change near me Columbine Littleton CO

Brian Bates

Oil Change near me Columbine Littleton CO

When was the last time you had your car’s oil changed? An oil change is a quick procedure offered at your trusted auto repair shop. A regular oil change is a necessary step to keep your car running smoothly and efficiently. However, it is easy to forget your oil change schedule. Skipping or delaying an oil change will not do your vehicle any good. Your car has ways of telling you when an oil change is due. When you notice these signs, bring your vehicle to an automotive repair shop for an Oil Change near me Columbine Littleton CO.

Regular Oil Change near me Columbine Littleton CO Is Key To A Long-Lasting Car


A lot of drivers rely only on mileage to gauge when their car needs an oil change. While mileage is a good indicator, it can’t tell you everything. There are other ways to detect when your car’s oil needs to be changed. Being familiar with the warning signs allows you to keep your vehicle from breakdowns.

Visit an Auto Repair Shop and Get an Oil Change When You Notice These Signs:


1. Oil change light is on

The first thing that you should be familiar with is the oil change light. It turns on when the car’s system detects there isn’t enough oil. Go to an automotive repair shop in Columbine or Littleton, Colorado, for a professional oil change. Going too long without topping up your oil can lead to consequences. In worst cases, the check engine light will turn on. It indicates a more serious problem resulting from the lack of fresh oil in the system.


2. Unusual engine noise

Fresh oil adds a layer of protection to various engine parts. It prevents metal-on-metal contact while the engine is running. Automotive oil also serves as a cooling agent, effectively dissipating the heat generated by the car engine. However, the oil loses its lubricating qualities as it ages. Without a regular oil change, your car engine can produce noise resulting from friction.


3. Dark and dirty oil

Regularly check oil levels and quality using the dipstick. It allows you to gauge whether the engine oil is still suitable for use. If the oil turns out dark and dirty, it is time to have it replaced. Find a reliable auto repair shop in Columbine or Littleton, Colorado, and have your car serviced.


4. Oil smell in the car

Have you ever smelled the scent of oil, gas, or exhaust fumes in your car for no apparent reason? If you have, it could indicate leaks in the system. Schedule maintenance right away the moment you notice unusual smells in your car.


5. Visible exhaust smoke

Your car produces exhaust gases the moment the engine turns on. However, the smoke coming out of the tailpipe should barely be visible. If smoke comes out cloudy, you need to have an oil change. The oil seals also need to be checked for any defects.


6. Going beyond recommended oil change interval

The oil in your car needs to change at certain intervals. Refer to your owner’s manual for the exact range. If you go beyond the ideal mileage interval, your vehicle might be damaged. Never wait too long before getting an Oil Change near me Columbine Littleton CO.

Benefits of Choosing an Expert Auto Mechanic in Littleton

Taking your car to an expert auto mechanic comes with perks. You get top-tier services, value for money, and worry-free driving. Bring your vehicle to EAS Tire & Auto today! We offer top-quality maintenance and repairs at reasonable rates. Our mechanics are highly trained and ASE-certified to meet all your car needs. Visit our website to schedule an appointment. You may also call us at (720) 573-2075.


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