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7 Certain Signs that You Need A Diesel Engine Repair Service Soon

Brian Bates

diesel engine repair service

If you own a truck, it's essential to know the telltale signs of engine trouble. Failing to take it to a diesel engine repair service on time can result in more critical problems and expensive repairs down the line.


To help you out, our experts at EAS Tire & Auto West Crestline share seven symptoms you should never ignore. Here they are:

1) Smoke from the exhaust

Smoke pouring out of the exhaust pipe is one of the most crystal clear indications that something is wrong. This means that the diesel fuel is burning, and the truck is releasing carbon monoxide. This gas can be toxic, so it's best to take it to our diesel engine repair service ASAP. We also offer emissions inspection and repairs.

2) Loud noises from under the hood

Loud clunking or grinding noises are common symptoms of a faulty diesel engine. This could indicate that an object is caught in the engine's moving parts and needs to be fixed soon. It's also possible that you have worn bearings. If left unchecked, this can cause the entire engine assembly to seize.

3) Difficulties starting up - Diesel engine repair service

Difficult startups mean you need a diesel engine repair service soon. This may be due to the lack of diesel fuel, a clogged filter, or a glow plug problem. Our diesel specialists in Littleton, CO, can expertly diagnose the root cause and get your vehicle back on the road.

4) Poor fuel efficiency

An inefficient diesel engine can cause higher fuel consumption. Similarly, this might be caused by damaged or clogged fuel injectors. Get your vehicle checked out as soon as possible to avoid further damage. Miscellaneous automotive services like tire rotation and wheel alignment can also improve fuel mileage.

5) Performance dips - Diesel Engine Repair in Littleton, CO

If you're experiencing a decrease in power and performance, that's another sign that your diesel engine needs attention. A noticeable dip in torque and hauling capacity could be due to engine wear and tear, low oil levels, or blocked filters.

6) Overheating diesel engine

Overheating is definitely a cause for concern since extreme temperatures can damage seals and essential components beyond repair. Besides engine repairs, we can also fix faulty radiators and cooling systems. 

7) Sparks from the exhaust pipe

Sparks and, in worse cases, fire can shoot out of your truck's exhaust if you have a faulty diesel engine. This phenomenon is typically caused by an overly-rich air and fuel mixture. Unburnt diesel is ignited further down the truck's exhaust system, resulting in visible sparks. We can fix your engine and get it back to its optimal state to stop this from happening.

Diesel Engine Repair Service in Littleton, CO

If you notice any of these telltale signs, call EAS Tire & Auto right away! We are your reliable partners in keeping your diesel truck reliable for years to come. Make an appointment online or visit our shop at 8100 West Crestline Avenue Unit E-1 Littleton, CO 80123.


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