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7 Common Jeep Repair Services

Brian Bates

Jeep Repair


Jeep Wrangler vehicles are known for their ruggedness and off-road capabilities. Over time, they can start to experience some common jeep repairs.


And it is essential to know what jeep repairs to expect.

Some essential jeep repair services include:

Oil changes

Depending on how often you drive, you should change your jeep's oil every 3000-5000 miles. 


An easy way to remember to get your jeep's oil changed is to do it when you get your gasoline.

It is best to have synthetic oil for your jeep to help them protect your jeep's engine better.


Tire rotations

You should rotate your jeep's tires every 5000 miles.


When you rotate your jeep's tires, it helps them wear evenly. Uneven tire wear can lead to decreased gas mileage and premature tire failure. It is also essential to check your jeep's tire pressure regularly.


At EAS Tire & Auto, you can trust our service professionals to provide you with top-notch tire rotations for your jeep vehicle.


Wheel alignments

Proper traction keeps you safe on the road and helps your jeep's tires last longer.


Suppose you notice that your jeep is pulling to one side of the road or your jeep's tires are wearing unevenly. In that case, it is time for a jeep wheel alignment service at any nearby auto repair shop.


Brake repairs/replacements

If you notice that your jeep is taking longer to stop, or if you hear a squealing noise when you press on the brakes, it is time for a jeep brake repair.


Brake pads typically need to be replaced every 30,000 miles.


Engine tune-ups

An engine tune-up service ensures that all auto parts and components are working well.


If your jeep's spark plugs and other engine parts are worn out and dirty, it can cause your vehicle to misfire. A jeep engine tune-up can fix these problems and improve your jeep's overall performance.


Transmission service

Your jeep's transmission is responsible for sending power from the engine to the jeep's wheels. 


Over time, your jeep's transmission fluid will break down and need to be replaced.

Neglecting prompt transmission service can lead you to difficulty in shifting gears.


Differential service

The differential is a jeep component that helps transfer power from the engine to the jeep's wheels.


If you notice that your jeep is making noise when you turn or if your jeep is vibrating, it is time to take your jeep to an auto repair center to have a differential service.

Why do you need to find a qualified mechanic or technician to perform jeep repairs on your jeep wrangler?

There are a few reasons why you should only trust qualified mechanics or technicians to perform jeep repairs on your jeep wrangler.


First, jeep wranglers are complex vehicles with many different systems that need to work together for the car to run correctly. Second, jeeps are often used in off-road conditions, putting a lot of wear and tear on the jeep and its components. And finally, jeeps are often used in extreme weather conditions, which can also cause damage to the jeep and its parts.


To properly diagnose and fix any jeep issue you might have, you need to find a qualified mechanic or technician specializing in jeeps.

EAS Tire & Auto, Your Jeep Repair Specialist in Chatfield, Littleton, CO

EAS Tire & Auto is a qualified jeep repair center that can help you with your jeep repair needs. 


We have a team of jeep repair experts who are experienced in performing all types of jeep repairs, from oil changes to brake repairs to engine tune-ups.


So, if you're having troubles with your Jeep Wrangler, bring it to EAS Tire & Auto in Chatfield, Littleton, CO.


Contact us at (720) 573-2075 today!


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