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7 Must-Know Signs Of Cooling System Problems

Brian Bates

7 Must-Know Signs Of Cooling System Problems | EAS Tire & Auto

Engines roar to life, tires hum on the pavement, and the world blurs by in a symphony of motion. Behind this adrenaline-fueled dance of machinery, the cooling system plays a silent yet vital role in keeping your car running smoothly. Welcome to a riveting journey where we decode the cryptic language of your vehicle's cooling system, unveiling seven unmistakable signs that demand your attention.

Steam Under the Hood

Wisps of steam curling from your car's hood or even through the A/C ducts. It's not a mirage; it's a telltale sign that something's awry. When your engine overheats, it can cause coolant to vaporize and escape as steam. Keep your eyes peeled for this otherworldly display.

Raise in Temperature

Your car's temperature gauge is your secret thermometer. When it starts creeping toward the red zone, it's a chilling indicator of cooling system problems. Overheating can lead to engine damage, so never underestimate this warning.

Puddles On the Driveway

Don't be fooled by the puddles underneath your vehicle; they're not part of an artistic installation. These are potential coolant leaks. Different colors of coolant point to various issues, and a puddle's location can be your map of the problem's source.

Noisy Water Pump

Your car has secrets to share, and the water pump might just spill the beans. A high-pitched whine or squeal from the front of your engine could be a failing water pump. Don't let it keep secrets; have it checked.

Dashboard Lights

The dashboard is your car's version of Mission Control. If you spot the temperature warning light flashing, it's not a drill. Pull over and assess the situation. Ignoring it can be a costly mistake.

Aromas of Concern

A sweet, sugary scent might seem delightful elsewhere, but not when it emerges under your car's hood. This aroma often signals coolant leaking onto hot engine components. It's a fragrant cry for help.

Recurring Repairs

If you find yourself constantly replenishing coolant or dealing with frequent overheating episodes, it's a stubborn clue that cooling system problems persist. This isn't a road you want to travel. Seek professional advice to end this cycle.

If you spot any of the issues from above, EAS Tire & Auto is always one phone call away from helping out and fixing the problem! Our team will be more than happy to get you on the road ASAP

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