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Automotive CV Joints

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Automotive CV joints

These are an essential part of your car's suspension system, and they provide a smooth and consistent ride quality.

Keep reading to learn more about CV joints, new CV axle replacement cost, and what they do!

What are CV joints and what do they do?

Constant-velocity (CV) joints are an important component of the suspension system in both front- and rear-wheel-drive vehicles.

They allow smooth transmission of power, while also permitting movement in a variety of directions such as when cornering, asserting essential support and flexibility that keeps your vehicle running smoothly.

Unfortunately, over time CV boots can become subject to wear and tear which can lead to leaking CV boots and ultimately CV axle or CV joint replacement. This makes it essential that cv joint maintenance is carried out regularly to ensure a healthy and safe driving experience.


The different types of CV joint components

CV joints are found in the driveshafts of front-wheel drive vehicles, where their special engineering ensures smooth rotation over an exceptionally wide range of angles.

They consist of two grooved components connected by needle bearings and are usually sealed in a thick rubber boot to protect them from dirt and impacts, allowing them to operate more reliably for longer.

Inside the CV joint the axial forces needed for turning corners are balanced by small steel balls loaded onto several "gators" which evenly transfer weight across the joints and further increase their strength.

In most cases there will be inner or outer tripods as well, essential for gaining greater precision in handling and also providing superior lateral strength.

As such, CV joints have become indispensable components in today's cars thanks to their unique qualities when it comes to driving comfort, speed and efficiency - they can help provide an exceptional driving experience!

How to tell if your CV joint is failing

Knowing the signs of a failing CV joint or bad CV axle is critical, as it can affect your four wheel drive vehicles performance and your safety while driving.

A visual inspection of the CV axles, wheel hub, outer CV joint, and the half shafts can often give you a good idea of their state of health

Common symptoms of a bad C V axle can also include grease leaks, knocking sound, grinding sound, and lack of power to the wheels

Doing this repair sooner rather than later will also help with the CV joint replacement cost.

Signs of a failing CV joint or axle shaft

There are many signs you should look out for that will indicate a faulty or failing CV joint.

One of the most common signs is ripped CV boot, which covers and seals the axle. If the boot has ripped or been damaged in any way, chances are you will need a CV joint replacement.

In addition, if you hear a clicking sound coming from the wheels when turning, this could also signal that something may be amiss with your vehicles' CV joint or you may need a full axle replacement or double replacement.

When to perform a cv joint replacement

If you experience any of these warning signs and suspect that your cars CV joint may need replacing, it’s important that you take your vehicle to a qualified mechanic without delay for further inspection to confirm their diagnosis and provide the necessary repairs.

How to replace a CV joint

Replacing a CV joint can be a tricky task but it can be done with the right tools and knowledge. Our ASE certified technicians are well versed in CV joint replacement and can perform this service with relative ease.

The basic procedure consists of unbolting the joint from its mounting point, removing the joints from the vehicle's axle shafts and replacing them with new ones.

CV joint replacement cost will vary by vehicle make and car model. Axle replacement cost will also vary by vehicle make and car model.

Replacing a CV joint or axle

It is important for our technicians to identify all of the components correctly before beginning so that they can properly lubricate and assemble them later.

There are several specialty tools that our technicians use to specifically make it easier to handle CV joints and axle replacement.

You should also be aware that some vehicles require special cir-clip pliers or pneumatic tools instead of standard handtools to install the new joint.

The benefits of replacing your CV joint

Replacing your CV joint regularly is important for safety, as well as increased car performance.

The Constant Velocity (or CV) joint allows the transfer of power from the engine to the wheels, and ensures smooth operation when turning corners.

When this joint becomes worn out or damaged, it causes a variety of problems and can lead to reduced traction and safety on roads.

How often should a CV joint be checked

Regularly monitoring your CV joint helps maintain good vehicle performance by allowing you to drive safely in all conditions.

Our technicians will inspect your CV components with every courtesy inspection.

When it is time for replacement we will give you an exact CV joint replacement cost.

More reasons for CV joint replacement

It also increases fuel efficiency due to better grip on the road. Replacing a worn-out or damaged CV joint also keeps your car's suspension system in tip-top shape, and prevents premature wear of other components like tires and brakes which can be costly.

In addition to safety benefits, regularly replaced CV joints often increase overall vehicle life span. Replacing your CV joint brings with it many advantages.

An old or faulty CV joint produces a clunking sound when turning, indicating that the part is worn out and needs replacing.

Investing in a new CV joint or axle replacement helps preserve the safety of all those in the vehicle, since it ultimately keeps the car stable and under control at all times.

Another benefit of a new CV joint is improved fuel efficiency and power - worn out parts prevent your car from working efficiently, but when placed with a good quality new component this can be restored.

If you are experiencing a clunking noise when steering, now is the time to replace your CV joint for optimal vehicle performance and satisfaction on the road.

An overview of CV joint replacement

CV joints are an important part of your car’s suspension system.

They allow the wheels to move up and down as you drive over bumps in the road. There are different types of CV joints, depending on the type of vehicle you have.

You can tell if your CV joint is failing if you hear clicking noises when you turn the steering wheel or if your ride is becoming rougher.

If your CV joint does need to be replaced, it's best to let a professional mechanic do it.

The benefits of replacing your CV joint include restoring ride comfort and keeping your car running smoothly.

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Where to get help with CV joint replacement

If you suspect that you are having an issue with any of your CV components, need change cv axle, have a bad cv joint or cv joint boot, or a worn cv axle, you need to go to a car repair shop you can trust that can give you a CV joint replacement cost.

EAS Tire & Auto, EAS Tire and Auto, Davis Repair, South Park Tire and Auto, Cooper's Automotive, or Goodyear- EAS Tire and Auto are all shops you can count on along the front range in Colorado.

Our ASE certified technicians will evaluate your vehicle and your service advisor will inform you of your CV joint replacement cost. When looking for "CV joint replacement near me" look no further than EAS Tire and Auto! cb joint
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