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Back to School Checklist for Parent and Student Drivers

Brian Bates

Back to School Checklist for Parent and Student Drivers

Whether you are gearing up for the school year as a parent, high schooler, or college student, don’t forget about your transportation. Your car should be in the best shape for safe commutes to and from school. The best full-proof way to ensure that is by taking your car to the experts at EAS Tire & Auto for maintenance and inspection.


Below is a list of items that you should put on your back-to-school checklist:

  • Oil change -  Clean oil is necessary to keep your engine components lubricated and run at peak performance. If it has been a while since your last oil change, it is better to do it now with your schedule open.
  • Battery test - An old and weak battery can leave you stranded at school, so make sure you have it tested for a proper charge. If it is older, it is probably best to replace it.
  • Tire pressure - Your vehicle’s tire pressure should meet the recommended psi range. Not only will they wear more evenly, but you’ll obtain better handling. 
  • Brakes - Brakes are the number one safety system in vehicles. Make sure you inspect all components related to your braking system, including the rotors, pads, fluid, and more.
  • Wiper blades - You might experience some rain or snow later in the year. To ensure your safety and visibility, replace your wiper blades so that they can effectively clear off your windshield.
  • Car wash - Who doesn’t want to make a positive impression on the first day of school? We recommend giving your car a thorough wash. Plus, don’t forget to clean out and vacuum the inside of your car.

Before summer comes to end, make sure your vehicle is safe and ready to tackle the new school year. If you need help with your auto maintenance, please do not hesitate to bring your car to EAS Tire & Auto today.


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