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BMW Models Explained

Brian Bates

BMW is one of the largest luxury sports car manufacturers in the world. Chances are you have seen a couple of them passing by and probably wondered about the difference between them. While they can look similar to each other, the badges and modes they carry distinguish them from each other. Below, we will give you a simple and easy guide to the meaning of BMW models, so you know what to look out for when searching for a car or if you are just curious. 

BMW 1 & 2 Series
The first in the lineup are the 1 and 2 Series. They are at the bottom of the BMW family and, therefore, least expensive and advanced. These series offer a coupe, sedan, and two hatchback-SUV hybrids. Good interior, cheap repairs, and performance for the price are where these models shine.

BMW 3/5/7 Series
Some of the most famous models are the 3/5/7 series. That's because they have an unmistakable silhouette, and some may say it's a trademark for BMW. The first is the 3, which you can say is the entry for proper BMW vehicles. Then is the 5 - balancing sportiness and comfort, and then the 7 series resembling the luxuries side of BMW. It's almost certain that at least one of them has everything you're looking for because that was BMW's mission when making them.

BMW 4 & 8 Series
If you are leaning more toward the sportier side of BMW, the 4 and 8 Series are for you. They offer a coupe, convertible, and gran coupe(a shorter 4 sedan), which have a sleek, mean look to them. If you want something more regular, the 4 Series is the pick for you, but if you want to experience BMW at its finest while still staying at a reasonable price, opt for the 8 Series.

BMW X Series
When talking about SUVs, BMW has also thought about that. The X series goes from 1 to 7 - with 1 being entry-level and 7 being the executive model of the line-up. The sweet spot is the X5 offering a balance between price and performance. They are very spacious and comfortable to drive. They also have sleeker, sportier versions like the X4 and X6.

BMW M Badge
BMW is probably most well known for its legendary M badge and its history throughout the years- but to keep it short, the M badge stands for Motorsport. Most models mentioned above have an M variant - being more powerful, aggressive, and having extra features. They are aimed towards real car enthusiasts that like going to the track or just enjoy beautiful and well-made vehicles. 

The BMWi and PHEV are the electric and hybrid vehicles made by BMW. This division is environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient, making for a more futuristic approach to the brand. BMW is also very famous for one of the first electric sports cars - the i8, which shocked the world with its appearance back in 2013.

BMW offers an extremely big choice of vehicles from which to choose. And if you go in even deeper, you can find trims such as the CSL - a track-oriented, lightweight special edition. Also, keep in mind that a lot of them share chaises and parts, making them easy to repair and service. These German-made vehicles are an excellent choice for almost everyone but still require their fair share of maintenance and care.

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