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Brake Repair Near Me

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Brake Repair Near Me | Eagle Auto Service

Are you concerned that there may be an issue with your vehicle brake pads or brake discs? Schedule a brake consultation today and let the experts at EAS Tire & Auto inspect your vehicle brake system including brake fluid, brake pads, brake rotors, brake lines, brake master cylinder, and brake caliper. When searching for "brakes near me" make sure you choose an EAS Tire & Auto near you to help with all of your entire braking system needs and brake inspection.









Common Brake Problems

Your vehicle is prone to giving tell-tale signs when there is a brake issue occurring or a brake repair is needed. One of the most common and obvious signs of potentially needing brake pad replacement is brake noise. If you are hearing a brake squeaking or grinding noise, it is definitely an indicator that your vehicle needs to be taken to EAS Tire & Auto as soon as possible. Brake noise can often be related to worn brake pads, brake shoes, or an issue with the brake rotor. It is never worth it to risk your safety and the safety of others. If you suspect that something is wrong with your brakes, or are experiencing brake problems, have the experienced technicians at EAS Tire & Auto inspect your brakes today and receive the best brake service possible! Automobile brake repairs are one of our specialties!

Another common brake problem can occur with the brake pedal. Customers often complain of experiencing "spongy brakes" or a hard brake pedal. This is can be a serious sign 

Safety matters with new brakes and brake fluid

When the brake pedal or brake system isn't working, it could cause an accident. If you notice any signs above, make sure your car is at a nearby EAS Tire & Auto center. The symptoms might be indicative of faulty brakes, including defective brake pads or brake fluid. EAS Tire & Auto is different from other brake repair shops around the area. Our staff will do all they can to provide you with quality brake repair services and the best service we can provide to customers. 

                                              Our brake experts are ready to help.

How often do brakes need servicing?

Depending upon the vehicle, the temperature of brake parts and driving habits, brake pads can last from 30,000 to 80,000 miles. Brake fluid lasts approximately 30,000 miles. Similar to an oil change, all of the fluids in your vehicle should be serviced regularly to ensure the fluid is operating as designed. If brake fluid contains too much moisture it can cause the hydraulic brake components to wear down and rust. With such an unpredictable cycle, the brakes must be regularly checked. 

What does brake service include?

Common brake service includes: A brake service usually involves either replacing the brake pads and rotors - or replacing the brake pads and resurfacing the brake rotors. Which brakes work is required depends on the length of the life cycle. Generally, it's unlikely that you need new brake rotors if you replaced them the last time your brake pads were replaced. However, things like rust and warped or grooved rotors may require the full pads and rotors brake repair. The brake service is required to be duplicated on both wheels on an axle, but the brakes on both the front and rear axles do not have to be replaced at the same time unless your service advisor recommend to replace brake pads in the front and the rear. The brake inspection should be carried out with the brake parts of the brake system and its connections as well as the brake fluid.

                                                   Brake service with a smile at EAS Tire & Auto

Premature brake pad material wear

Brake pads will not always wear evenly or according to plan. With every new brake pads service, the technician will inspect and lube the brake calipers. Usually the brake caliper will be fine, but if the brake repair service finds uneven pad wear, it may be time to replace the brake caliper as well. Our technicians will perform a complete evaluation so you know if brake calipers or a set of new brake rotor will be required.

Brake repair that you can trust at EAS Tire & Auto


Signs that your brakes may need replacing

1. If your brake pads screech when you apply pressure, that's a sign that they need to be serviced

2. If your brake pedal sinks all the way to the floor, that's another sign that you may have worn brake pads

3. If your car pulls to one side when you brake, that means your brake pads may be uneven and need adjustment

4. There are several signs that indicate it's time for a brake service - listen for grinding noises, pay attention to how your car handles when braking, and look out for the other warning signs listed above

6. Always consult with a professional mechanic before having any work done on your car's brakes - they can tell you exactly what needs to be done and how much it will cost


Need help deciding? Come on in

We are well versed in brake repairs and are here and happy to help. You can never be too careful when it comes to a brake job or replacement brake pads. So come to an auto repair shop that you can trust with your brake services.

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