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Common Diesel Engine Problems to Watch Out For – Search for Diesel Mechanic Near You

Brian Bates

Common Diesel Engine Problems to Watch Out For – Search for Diesel Mechanic Near You

The same typical issues that affect gasoline engines also affect diesel engines. It's important to remember that diesel trucks and semi-trucks aren't resistant to damage. They have some problems, just like any other type of vehicle. Bring your diesel car into our repair work auto shop if you notice any of these problems, and we'll do the job right away.

An improperly maintained engine can ruin your entire machine. The most typical diesel truck issues are listed below.

Bad Glow Plug

Diesel engines do not go well with the cold. The engines have glow plugs to start them when it's cold outside. These plugs, which resemble spark plugs in appearance, act as tiny heaters in the combustion chamber to assist in starting your diesel engine on in chilly conditions when it is less likely to do so. Like spark plugs, these plugs degrade over time.

Lack of Power

Lack of power is another fuel-related issue that can occur. When it has difficulty starting or accelerating, you'll see this. This problem may be by clogged fuel filters, a loose throttle linkage, excessive lubrication, and problems with the fuel injectors.

Failing Lead-Acid Storage Batteries

The lead-acid storage battery is a vital part of the engine starter system and is frequently under a lot of strain. An unbalanced compression ratio can result from a storage battery that isn't functioning well or malfunctioning, which can harm the starter system.

Black Exhaust Smoke

Your air and fuel mixture is likely out of balance if you notice that your vehicle is emitting excessive amounts of black exhaust into the air. Engines need a combination of fuel and air, whether diesel or gasoline to start and run. You'll notice darker-than-normal exhaust if the balance is off.

Hard Starting Issues

If you're having trouble keeping it running after you turn it on, your engine may have trouble starting because of a problem with the fuel delivery system. A diesel engine uses a lot less fuel to produce power. As a result, starting the car will be much more difficult if there is a problem with the fuel or air compression system.

Loud Noises

Unless the gasoline engine is jazzed up, diesel engines produce more noise than gas engines, but they shouldn't make loud or odd noises. It may also be a fuel system issue if you hear loud, unusual noises from your diesel engine. In particular, the fuel injectors may require cleaning or may be obstructed.

Oil Oxidation

Diesel engines also frequently experience an issue where the motor oil can oxidize if air is in the oil system. The motor oil may be exposed to air through an oil system leak, which will cause the oil to oxidize. Engine damage and performance issues result from this.

Contaminated Fuel

Diesel can be contaminated more easily than gasoline because diesel is much thicker. The four most frequent and dangerous fuel contaminants are water, soot, dilution, and glycol. Any contaminants that get into the fuel system can seriously disrupt engines.

Wrong Weight Viscosity

Incorrect engine lubrication weight viscosity frequently causes difficult starting. Diesel lubricants are thicker than gasoline, and many people usually replace the oil with the wrong viscosity weight. Simply using a multi-viscosity oil all year round is the best option to prevent forgetting to switch and possibly damaging the engine.

It is best to start with the fundamentals to save time and effort when assessing the issue with your diesel truck. An owner/operator should take good care of the vehicles, perform regular maintenance to prevent the worst problems, and always disclose engine issues to a reliable diesel mechanic specializing in the maintenance and repair of diesel engines.

Dependable Diesel Mechanics Near You in Colorado

EAS Tire & Auto in Wheatridge, Colorado, is your one-stop auto repair shop for all things related to diesel vehicle repair if you're looking for a dependable mechanic with reasonable pricing. We offer many services, including a fully equipped fleet of field service trucks, engine overhaul, truck repair and more.

Our professional technicians have years of experience in the business and use the most up-to-date equipment and knowledge to diagnose the issue and get your diesel truck back on the road in no time and go the extra mile. We give great service to customers! Schedule your appointment today!


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