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Common Reasons for Spongy Brakes

Brian Bates

Every driver knows that their brakes are the most important safety feature in their cars. And when their brakes start to feel unusual or soft, they’ll likely notice it right off the bat. What do spongy brakes mean? Read on to find out.

Low or Old Brake Fluid

One possible explanation for mushy brakes is low or old brake fluid. In most cases, this is a simple fix for technicians. Feel free to bring your car to our auto repair shop so that our technicians can inspect your brake fluid.

Air in the Lines

A widespread problem that causes spongy brake pedals is air in the fluid lines. Air is the ultimate enemy for the brake system as it limits the flow of the fluid and distribution of pressure to stop your car. 

Problems with the Caliper

Calipers are a piece of disc brake systems. They work by clamping down on the brake pads to stop your vehicle. When they become worn, it can ruin the entire stopping process. In addition to soft puddles, you may hear loud squeaks with the symptom. You should have checked as soon as possible for your safety.

Worn Master Cylinder

The master cylinder is also a part of many brake systems. When it fails, it will cause a sponge-like feeling in your brakes.

Brake Diagnostics 

If you’re experiencing mushy brake pedals, the certified mechanics at EAS Tire & Auto will be happy to take inspect everything. Once you get the necessary brake repairs, you can drive away rest assured that your vehicle is safe and protected on the road. Please call or visit one of our convenient locations today.

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