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Emissions Testing Near Me – Pass Smoothly with These Four Tips

Brian Bates

Emissions Testing Near Me – Pass Smoothly with These Four Tips

An emissions inspection is a required procedure for driving legally on the road. It helps keep track of how much harmful gas your vehicle release and prevents fines and repairs that might be needed in future years if not taken care of now!

Our emissions testing specialists at EAS Tire & Auto share these four easy tips you can do to ensure your vehicle emissions pass the smog test in one go. There's plenty one can do to pass - from maintaining your car well all way up to fine-tuning your vehicle.

Check Engine Warning Light

Consider going in for an emissions test while your Check Engine light is flashing - that is a recipe for disaster. The check engine light may indicate a problem with the oxygen sensor in the exhaust pipe.

When it comes to a smog test, this detector is crucial because it is responsible for sending all of the necessary emissions data to the ECU. As a result, the oxygen sensor should be in perfect working order before you consider taking a test. Correct the engine light before the emissions inspection.

Fine-tune Your Vehicle 

The amount of harmful emissions produced by your vehicle is proportional to the tuning that has been performed on it. You will almost certainly fail the smog test if your car runs on a rich air-fuel mixture. Tune-up your car to pass the smog test. To be safe, re-tune your vehicle to run on a lean air-fuel combination at least until the day you pass the test. You can later adjust the configuration to your preferences.

Drive at High Speeds on the Highway

The catalytic converter is a crucial part of your car that requires cleaning regularly. It heats up and clears clogged deposits when driving at high speeds. These pollutants can harm the environment and cause ground-level ozone formation (smog). Complete this task a few weeks before your visit so that everything is spotless when you arrive at the testing facility.

Replace the Engine Oil

After a fresh oil change, an engine's efficiency can change dramatically. Consider delaying the test if you are past your oil change due date. When you put new oil in your car, it will run more efficiently, and emit fewer harmful gases.

What If I Can’t Pass the Emissions Test?

We can help our customers figure out what repairs or services their cars and trucks need to pass. We will do all the repairs right here in our shop at EAS Tire & Auto in Littleton, CO, when it is time for another check-up. We make it simple and handy for you to complete your testing at any time, adhering to manufacturer recommendations.

Vehicle Emissions Testing Center in Littleton and Wheatridge, CO

EAS Tire & Auto in Littleton and Wheatridge, CO, is your auto emissions inspection facility, ready to help when your car's biannual inspection is due. Colorado law mandates that vehicles manufactured after 1982 undergo emissions tests every two years. You must pass this emissions test to renew your vehicle's registration.

If you're looking for vehicle emissions testing service in Colorado, consider taking your vehicle to EAS Tire & Auto. Make an appointment on our website online or call us at (720) 573-2075 today! Feel free to visit our emissions testing facility at 10143 W. Chatfield Avenue, Unit 18, Littleton, CO 80127.


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