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Four Signs that your Vehicle Needs Clutch Repair Services Near You

Brian Bates

Four Signs that your Vehicle Needs Clutch Repair Services Near You


If you're driving a manual transmission car, it's vital to know when to service your vehicle for a clutch repair near you.


A clutch that isn't working well can cause all sorts of problems with your vehicle. It can lead to expensive repair services such as transmissions services, clutches replacement, and car breakdowns. 

Here are some warning signs that you need a clutch repair service near you in Littleton, CO:

Burning Smell

A burning smell can indicate that there's a problem with your transmissions or clutch plate. But it doesn't always mean you need to get them replaced right away if the car is used daily for commute purposes only.


To ensure that your clutch plate is working well, get it repaired from a local certified mechanic or technician like EAS Tire & Auto in Littleton, CO.


Slipping Gears

When your car slips out of gear or seems to fall into neutral without warning, it could be an indication that the clutch plate is worn out and needs a replacement or repair. Dripping oil causes excessive lubrication, causing the gears to slack.


Sticky Clutch Pedal

The clutch pedal is a vital component of your car and, if it fails, you may experience one or more symptoms:

  • sticking to the floor;
  • becoming harder for yourself to press down.

Changing how far away from the center they're tied at could perhaps fix all of them. But it can lead to problems such as leaks in the hydraulic system that can cause complete loss of pressure.

Chattering clutch pedal

If the clutch pedal chatters when you push it, it can be due to a worn clutch disc. So that clutch doesn't wear down and damage or fail other parts of your car, such as transmissions fluid lines, it's critical to replace clutch discs as soon as feasible.


If you notice any of these signs when driving your car, scheduling a clutch repair near you in Littleton, CO, is the best option to get it repaired


You may want to consider replacing both clutch discs and flywheels as they are often worn together from use over time.

Can you still drive with a faulty clutch system?

If your clutch pedal is sticky, you may still be able to drive the car as long as you don't push too hard or slip out of gear.

However, if your clutch is completely worn out and isn't functioning correctly, it's best not to drive the car at all. A malfunctioning clutch can cause severe damage to your vehicle and even lead to an accident.

If you're not sure whether or not you can drive your car safely, it's best to consult with a certified mechanic or technician. EAS Tire & Auto in Littleton, CO, offers clutch repair services for all types of cars, trucks, and SUVs.

Trust the experts at EAS Tire & Auto for all your clutch repair service needs near you in Littleton, CO.

With our expert auto mechanics, you can rely on us for clutch service and repairs. Whether your car has an old-school Beetle or modern-day pick-up truck motor, EAS Tire & Auto has got you covered.

If your car's clutch is worn out and in need of replacement, don't hesitate to call the professionals at EAS Tire & Auto. We will do it right for you at a fair price with high-quality parts.

To learn even more about clutch replacement click here:

Contact us today to schedule your clutch repair service near you in Littleton, CO!


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