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Hummer Repairs and Service: Top 3 Complaints of Hummer Owners

Brian Bates

Hummer Repairs and Service

Hummer of General Motors, like the Wrangler, has military origins. According to Business Insider, Arnold Schwarzenegger saw a Humvee and decided he wanted one, which led to the Humvee becoming a civilian version. Hummers appeared in movies, driven by celebs, and had a strong foothold in the United States market. It was one of the famous vehicles until discontinued in 2010. General Motors now plan to bring Hummer back to life.

Are Hummers Easy to Fix?

Hummer vehicles have flaws and need maintenance, but they are still worthwhile to drive. They are highly versatile vehicles designed to provide a thrilling driving experience. Appropriate service and maintenance are essential to keep them in working condition from a trusted auto repair shop.

Are Hummer Cars Reliable?

Hummers are among the safest vehicles, with excellent safety ratings. The 2010 Hummer H3, for example, passed many damage tolerance tests, such as frontal and side impacts.

According to some car complaints, the 2006 H3 was the worst version year in Hummer's 12-year professional life. In this blog, we will discuss some 2006 Hummer H3 owner complaints. If you own a Hummer and need a reliable auto repair shop, look no further than EAS Tire & Auto.

Engine Troubles

The 2006 Hummer H3 vehicle from General Motors was riddled with problems. According to drivers, it ran rough, had leaky valves, cylinder heads that failed, low compression, and the engine shutting down. Owners reported that replacing the head gasket and leaking valves in the engine helped resolve the issue. You will need a skilled auto repair and service mechanic to handle this one.

Electrical Problems

The Passlock on the 2006 Hummer H3 was to prevent thieves from starting the vehicle with a fake key. However, because of this, the Hummer was unable to start for at least ten minutes. The Passlock would activate at random, causing the engine to stop working.

The software was to keep owners' Hummers from being stolen, but it winds up restraining them from getting behind the wheel. Take your Hummer to one of our auto repair shops for excellent service and expert technicians to work on your Hummer.

Complaints About Paint

It's no mystery that water can damage a vehicle, and it’s especially a problem when in the cabin. Water flooding their Hummer interior was a real horror story for some 2006 H3 owners. One owner revealed that the smell in their H3 became so bad that they became physically sick.

Hummer Repair and Service Shop in Wheatridge, CO

While the problems with Hummer vehicles mentioned above are concerning. Our ASE-certified technicians are specially trained, experienced, and confident in their ability dealing any Hummer repair. Schedule an appointment with our shop online today for Hummer repairs and service. We commit to providing customers with a great experience thanks to our knowledgeable and honest mechanics.

We service numerous vehicle brands, including Hummer H1, H2, H3 and H3T models. We offer high-quality Hummer repair and services to keep your trucks and car running in top condition. Just visit our convenient location – EAS Tire & Auto Kipling, 4295 Kipling St., Wheatridge, CO 80033, or you may contact us at (720) 594-4349. We work to accurately diagnose your car, and afterwards, we will discuss our recommendations.


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