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Signs You Need to Visit a Timing Belt Service Shop Near You

Brian Bates

Signs You Need to Visit a Timing Belt Service Shop Near You

Your timing belt plays a very important role in synchronizing the crankshaft and camshaft of your engine as they rotate, which then allows the valve to close and open in perfect timing. While sturdy, the constant exposure to high heat will cause them to fail over time and will require a visit to a timing belt service shop near you to get it replaced.

It is important to know the signs of a failing timing belt as over time, this could cause serious engine problems that may be too expensive to fix. While this can be difficult to tell, especially since the timing belt is located within a sealed container, there are tell-tale signs which should let you know it is time to take your car to your trusted mechanic for some much-needed repairs.

Squeaking or squealing sounds

When your car makes weird noises— something it never used to do before, then there is a possibility that your timing belt may be in trouble. You will usually hear these sounds when braking, decelerating, and accelerating, however you might also hear these weird sounds even when your car is just idling.

While there are several potential reasons why your car is making such weird noises, it is best not to take any chances and get it taken to an auto shop. If it is the timing belt that is causing the problem, the last thing you want is to wait around to the point where your engine dies.

Oil leaking near the motor

One important sign you shouldn’t miss when you have a failing timing belt is an oil leak. Look out for leaks especially along the covering that houses the timing belt. While the housing may be sealed, over time and due to wear and tear, the bolts holding it together do tend to come loose.

In some cases, oil leaks happen because of a worn-out gasket between the timing cover and the engine block. This needs proper attention as it can cause the engine to overheat and a slew of other issues which could be quite costly to fix.

Engine won’t ignite

Another sign that you need to visit a timing belt service shop near you is when your engine fails to ignite. This means that despite hearing your motor engage as you turn the key, the engine won’t fully turn over because.

The timing belt is responsible for your car’s crank and shaft to operate, and when it refuses to do that, chances are, it is falling. With a broken timing belt, there is no way you will be able to get the car started, much less drive it. So, seeing a trustworthy mechanic to have it checked and fixed right away is crucial. 

Exhaust issues

Another sign to watch out for that could mean problems with your timing belt is exhaust problems. If your car seems to be expelling way more smoke than it normally used to, it could be a sign that your timing belt is not working as efficiently as it used to.

This happens when the engine is working harder than normal due to the timing belt being off. Leaving your engine to work under such extreme conditions will only lead to it failing over time, which is going to cost you even more in repairs than just getting your timing belt checked, repaired, or replaced.

Timing belt appearance

It is always easiest to tell that something is wrong with the timing belt by its appearance. While this may not always be the case for everybody, there is no better indication that your timing belt needs replacing than its worn-out appearance.

Cracks along the housing are just one of the warning signs. In some cases, the cracks get so enlarged you can even see the internal threads through. In some cases, the timing belt is so worn out that some of its fragments get detached and even fall inside the engine.

Visiting a timing belt service shop near you to get your timing belt replaced for preventive purposes is going to be more cost-effective than waiting until it eventually breaks down and fails.  For all your automotive repair and maintenance needs, EAS Tire & Auto is always happy to help. Our ASE-certified technicians are always happy to help and rely only on the most sophisticated automotive technology and equipment to diagnose your car troubles and fix them right the first time.


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