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Things to Do Before Going to a Car Mechanic Near You

Brian Bates

Things to Do Before Going to a Car Mechanic Near You

If you’re planning on taking your car to a car mechanic near you, it helps to be aware of some things you can do to make the whole experience better not just for you but for the people who will be working on your car. While your mechanic will probably have seen and fixed a lot in the years that they have been in the trade, there are steps you can do to help them do their job a little easier.

A lot of people often have this notion that getting their car fixed or tuned up by an automotive service just means dropping it off at their service center on the date and time of their scheduled appointment and just waiting for their call asking you to pick the car up. You’ll be surprised there are a few things you need to do before that.

Do clean the interiors

While it is understandable how not everybody will have the time to get their vehicle cleaned up and prepped before a trip to a technician, making sure the interiors are at least cleaned will make it so much easier for the mechanics to handle the car. This is especially true if the job requires them to take apart some of the interior components to fix them. So, a little effort in tidying up and taking away all the stuff you normally keep inside your vehicle would go a long way.

Get the car washed if you can

It wouldn’t hurt to get the vehicle washed before taking it to a car mechanic near you. While your mechanic is not going to make it a big deal if you don’t, you’re surely not going to be on their nice customer list if you show up with a muddy car.

Don’t worry though, they’re professionals through and through and will still get the job done as efficiently as they can without any complaints, albeit a little begrudgingly. Getting all the dust, dirt, and mud off the vehicle would make their jobs a little easier and a little less messy especially true if they have to work on the engine bay or the vehicle’s undercarriage.

Make sure you have enough fuel

The technician will need to do a road test after a repair job has been done to make sure that everything is in order. An empty tank would mean having to send one of their staff to the fuel station and then billing you for the fuel cost afterward.

Considering how busy they already are, to begin with, it will make life easier if you at least make sure that your car comes in with around half a tank of fuel. Also, they’re going to bill you for the time it took them to refuel your vehicle too. So, think of all the savings you can get.

Be honest

If your vehicle has had other issues in the past that are not related to the problem you are taking the car in for, it helps to let your technician know. This will not only help them determine what to look out for but it can also be crucial information that can help them hone in on what is the root of the car trouble you are experiencing.

This is where having a bit of knowledge about your car and how it works would come in handy. Just be careful not to make your conclusions on what is wrong with your vehicle and how you want it fixed based on the information you have gathered online. Always leave it to the experts to properly figure out what is wrong with your car and recommend the right fixes to get it up and running again.

Set expectations

When taking your vehicle to an auto shop for repairs, make sure to communicate with them what you want and need. For instance, it is common for auto shops to provide courtesy washes after fixing a car, but if you’re very particular with the paintwork on your vehicle, it may be best to skip this service as they may not do as good a job as a professional auto wash would.

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