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Tips to Improve Gas Mileage: Auto Repair Service Near Me Denver Colorado

Brian Bates

Auto Repair Service near me Denver CO


Maintaining your car's fuel efficiency and peak performance is a big hassle. You have to keep track of when you last got an oil change, how often you drive, and, more importantly, how much gas you put in the tank.


Local Auto mechanics in Denver, Colorado, will tell you that one of the best ways to maintain your vehicle is preventative maintenance, including regular tune-ups, oil changes, and necessary auto repairs. 

EAS Tire & Auto: Auto Repair Service Near Me Denver CO can help ensure that all these things get done right away.

A few tips on improving the gas mileage on your vehicle - Auto Repair Service Near Me Denver Colorado

Keep your tires well-inflated and aligned.

Driving on tires that are not in proper condition can be dangerous and lead to major car problems. Having your tires checked by an expert mechanic at top-quality auto repairs and maintenance services will ensure that you avoid overheating by having the right tire pressure. 


Keep your Engine Filter Clean

Your engine needs an air filter to perform at its best. When dirty or clogged, it can make for less efficiency and even potential damage over time. That's why it's vital to have your oil and lube filter changed regularly.


Accelerate Slowly

Accelerating too quickly can waste gas and wear out your car's engine more quickly. So instead of whipping out that accelerator as soon as the light turns green, try accelerating more gradually by pushing down less hard with each step. This way, not only do you use less fuel but also extend its life span.


Avoid idling. 

Burning gas while you're sitting at a dead stop or just in your driveway is one of the worst things about using up fuel. Not only does it use up valuable time, but it also uses more fuel than necessary.


Use Cruise Control

To increase your mileage, you must keep the car moving once rolling. Using Cruise Control can help because not paying attention won't make a difference in speed. Instead, ensuring everything stays at an optimum pace without any driver distractions will allow for more focused driving.

Choosing an Octane Fuel for Your Car - Auto Repair Service Near Me Denver Colorado

There are many different types of fuels to choose from, so it can be complicated to know which one is right for you. Premium high-octane gas isn't always better than regular low-grade stuff.


In fact, at times, they might not provide any greater efficiency or power output at all. To find the best fit, go ahead and look up your car's owner manual because each model has its requirements for size differences between engines/cars.

Just remember that anything with more demanding standards will require higher grade fuel.

Follow your Car's Routine Preventive Maintenance Service Schedule - Auto Repair Service Near Me Denver Colorado

Every time you have your car serviced, it's essential to ensure all fluids are at the proper levels. 

One service that can help with fuel efficiency is checking for oil leaks and giving transmission fluid an inspection every couple of months.

Taking care of these tasks regularly will save money in gas costs and provide peace of mind knowing there isn't anything wrong when driving around town.


In Littleton, Denver, Colorado, you can always rely on EAS Tire & Auto's expert mechanics and technicians to have your vehicle serviced with precision and accuracy.

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