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Tips When Looking for a Tire Shop

Brian Bates

Tire Shop

You can buy tires from several shops, including retailers, dedicated tire shops and car dealerships. The right one can make your life much easier overall. So, let’s dive right into some things you will want to consider when finding good a tire shop.

Take Time to Research

You need to know how to shop tires and what’s available there. Different brands, types, and sizes are some things you need to know about tires. Learn about the codes and understand what it means. The more you know, the more prepared you are to talk with the salespeople at a tire shop.

Search for some tire shops in your area. Read the online reviews to see what other people say about those businesses. Ask your friends, colleagues or family where they buy new tires or what to avoid. The goal is to give you have an overall idea of where to shop.

Inspect the Tires

Always check the tires on display and the tires they put in your car. You will want to ensure the tire shop gives you what you paid for. The dates on the tires also matter, even if they’re unused. Tires have five to ten years of shelf life. Don’t settle for tires that are already several years old, even if you don’t drive very much. If they try to sell you these types of tires, it’s a sign that you need to find another tire shop.

Consider the Overall Services

Consider all your available options when picking your tire shop. Choose a shop that can do more for you, aside from installing your tires, such as oil change, wheel alignment, brake service or other services. It can make your life a lot easier because you won’t need to make multiple trips from one shop to another to have your car serviced. A tire shop that offers several auto repairs and services is a good choice.

Build a Meaningful Relationship

Trust your guts when working with any tire shop. You can sense this one in how they treat you and your car. If you choose a tire shop, remember you will still be working with them in the future. So, ensure to find a business that prioritizes or gives importance to building a long-lasting relationship with customers. This helps you ease some uncertainty and make your life easier for years to come.

Having a reliable set of tires is critical for your safety. Tires allow you to maintain proper driving control. That’s why it’s necessary to replace worn out and damaged tires. At EAS Tire & Auto, our technicians will help you choose the right one for your vehicle. The tire brands we offer, include API, Bridgestone, Countrywide, Firestone, Goodyear, Pirelli, Uniroyal and much more.

For the best selection of tires in Littleton and Wheatridge, CO, visit EAS Tire & Auto. We have four locations for your convenience! Our every shop has ASE-Certified Technicians ready to help you find new tires that fit your vehicle. Schedule an appointment with us online or call us at (303) 948-4410. Our service representative will reach you. We put our customers first.


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