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Want to Better Your Gas Mileage? Here's How!

Brian Bates

Want to Better Your Gas Mileage

It seems like gas prices are constantly on the rise, which is why you should be more conscious of how you operate your car. Car handling significantly impacts your fuel economy. Whenever you implement the proper practices, you can save some money by making tiny adjustments to your driving style and habits. Here are some of the best tips and techniques to lighten your gas consumption:


Tips on How to Get Better Gas Mileage

Go Easy on Your Pedals

As you may guess, the harder we accelerate, the more fuel gets burned. When we repeatedly press on the brakes, we also waste gas. All that power that we burned to get up to speed is essentially put to waste. To save some money, avoid hard acceleration and braking whenever possible. 


Unload Your Vehicle with Heavy Items

Heavier items are not meant to be stored and lugged in your car, especially if you want to get the most out of your gas. We recommend that you remove any unnecessary junk that has been sitting in your vehicle. Not only will you be improving your gas mileage, but you'll be happy to see a cleaner car after.


Tire Maintenance is KEY

All things regarding your tires (tire rotations, tire pressure, tire tread, etc.) have a significant impact on your MPG. It would be best to regularly examine your tires to see if there are any holes or punctures. Your pressure should meet the factory requirements, and the wear should be as even as possible.


Limit AC Usage

The higher you crank up the air conditioning this summer, the more fuel will be drawn from your tank to power it. In general, you should expect a drop of 1 to 4 mpg with the air conditioning running. If you are cruising around the city, it may be better just to have your windows down.


We hope some of these tips will help you save some money this summer! If you require maintenance on your vehicle, we invite you to bring it to EAS Tire & Auto. We have three convenient locations in Littleton, CO!


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