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What are the warning signs for needing Engine Repair Service near me Denver, CO?

Brian Bates

Engine Repair Service near me Denver, CO


If you're a car owner or driver in Denver, CO, then you know that dealing with engine problems can be a huge hassle. Not only is the repair process often means a hefty repair, but it can also be time-consuming.


As a car owner and driver in Denver and Littleton, CO, you need to know the signs when your vehicle needs necessary auto repair services at any auto shop. And only expert mechanics and technicians can handle the complex interrelated parts and components of your vehicle. 

Common Signs that your Vehicle Needs Engine Repair Service in Denver, CO

Knocking Noise

If you hear a knocking noise coming from under your car's hood, it could mean that it needs bearing replacement. These tiny metal rings support most of its moving parts, and if they seize up completely, then it could mean costly auto repair.


Too Much Smoke

If you notice a lot of smoke coming from your tailpipes, it could mean that there’s something wrong under the hood. For example, blue means burning oil, and white indicates coolant. At the same time, black represents too much gasoline being used to fix these issues.


Decreased Performance Efficiency

If you notice that your car is unresponsive, let a local auto mechanic or repair specialists in Denver perform diagnostics. If the results of these tests show that it's time for a quality auto repair service near me, Denver, CO, then you'll be able to schedule an appointment and get your vehicle back in shape.


Rough Idle

If you notice that your car is struggling while driving idle, there could be some trouble. But, on the other hand, it may just need a simple auto repair, such as installing new spark plugs and fixing sensors.


Check Engine Light

The sooner you take care of the problem indicated on your dashboard, the less hassle and cost in fixing any more significant issues down the road.


Importance of Basic Auto Maintenance and Top-Notch Engine Repairs at auto shops in Denver, CO

Your vehicle's engine keeps everything running smoothly and efficiently, but if it needs auto repair, then you'll need a reliable auto repair mechanic in Denver, Colorado, to inspect and fix it up.

Car owners and drivers in Denver, Colorado, need to keep up with engine performance tune-ups to ensure that your vehicle is ready throughout the seasons.

For more information about engine repair services and what to do when you experience engine trouble, be sure to check out EAS Tire & Auto in Denver, Colorado. We have all the latest diagnostics tools and helpful tips on keeping your car running smoothly. And to learn more about pre-purchase inspections, check out our blog about them:

Engine Repair Service near me Denver, CO expert mechanics and technicians you can trust at EAS Tire & Auto

Your vehicle's engine is vital to your driving experience. Whether you need routine maintenance service or an expert mechanic for emergency repairs, we have the expertise and know-how at EAS Tire & Auto in Denver, CO.

Whether you have an import truck, Honda, or Ford, our ASE certified technicians at EAS Tire & Auto will perform visual inspections of all car parts for wear or damage. We run computer diagnostics tests and multi-point vehicle inspections to ensure that every auto part is working properly.

Call us today for top-quality complete auto repair!


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