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What Is a Car Tune Up?

Brian Bates

A tune up service is more than just a comprehensive vehicle inspection under the hood. Although that is half of a tune-up, it also includes making adjustments or replacements to the fuel system, filtration system, emissions system, ignition system, and more to enhance engine performance and efficiency. 

A tune-up service may vary from car to car. For instance, an older vehicle may require more adjustments and parts replaced than a brand new car. However, the goal of a tune-up remains the same: to obtain a balanced proper portion of air, fuel, and spark. Most tune-ups will include the replacement of spark plugs, wires, PCV valve, filters, and/or more. 

Signs Your Vehicle Needs A Tune Up

  • Illuminated Check Engine Light: It’s always distressing to see a yellow, orange, or red light appear on your dash. While you may be tempted to forget or put off the check engine light, it can mean that something is very wrong with your engine. In most cases, a tune-up may be necessary.
  • Stalling: Laggy acceleration is essentially how you would describe engine stalling. Stalling is not hard to miss and should never be ignored. It can put you and others in danger if your engine stalls while you’re on the road. 
  • Car Starting Problems: If your car struggles to start, it can mean many things, including worn spark plugs. Bring your vehicle to our shop so that we can replace your vehicle’s spark plugs.
  • Poor Fuel Economy: If you suddenly have to fill up all the time, it means your engine is running poorly. Saving money is enough reason to take your vehicle to our shop to find the culprit for what is eating your gas.
  • Vibrations or shaking: If braking, turning, or simply driving feels unstable and shaky, it could indicate a problem under the hood. Let us investigate the problem!

If your car, SUV, or truck is due for a tune-up, please do not hesitate to bring it to the experts here at EAS Tire & Auto. 

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