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What To Do If Your Speedometer Is Faulty

Brian Bates

What To Do If Your Speedometer Is Faulty

Most drivers rely on their speedometers every day to read and maintain their speed when they're driving. When the speedometer and its parts become faulty, drivers won't receive an accurate speed. This can lead to dangerous road hazards and even a pricey speeding ticket. At the first sign of any speedometer troubles, you should bring your car to the professionals at EAS Tire & Auto for inspection and repair.

Signs of a Faulty or Inaccurate Speedometer

  • Check engine light on or any other form of computer coded message on your dashboard
  • Cruise control inoperative
  • The speedometer itself freezes or has apparent glitches or lags.

What are Common Causes for the Speedometer to Stop Working?

  • A broken speed sensor could prevent the speedometer from showing you the proper speed at which your vehicle travels. It also helps to regulate ignition timing and helps you operate cruise control. A speed sensor that has failed may stop your speedometer from working altogether. 
  • A malfunctioning engine control unit (ECU) can affect the functions of your speedometer. The ECU is a center for many of the engine's activities. So, if this computerized system experiences glitches, it will generate false speed readings.
  • Faulty fuses or wiring issues can also be the culprit of a bad speedometer, especially in older vehicles. A wire can go short and cause a blown fuse (or even a fire). Luckily, fuses are easy replacements for the team at EAS Tire & Auto.

Should I Fix A Broken Speedometer Myself?

You're more than likely going to need a mechanic with electrical experience to repair your broken speedometer. This is because it takes a change of wiring or computer components most of the time. So, if you are equipped with the tools, equipment, and knowledge to handle it, then go for it. Otherwise, it would be best to visit a reputable auto technician for a proper fix. 


You don't want to put off speedometer repairs as it can place you and others at risk on the road. If a driver doesn't know how fast they are driving, it could quickly lead to an accident or worse. If you are a driver that needs speedometer repair in Littleton, CO, or Wheatridge, CO, please call or visit EAS Tire & Auto today!

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