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Why Your Car Engine Won't Start: Engine Repair

Brian Bates

Engine Repair


Your engine won't start. You panic and try to think of all the reasons why. You know you left the lights on, but that can't be it, can it? You try to turn the engine over again, but still nothing.


What could be wrong? Many reasons cause your engine not to start and misfire. Getting familiar with these possible causes can help you save time and money on engine repair.

Here are the top reasons that you need an engine repair service when your car engine doesn't start:

The engine is not getting enough fuel.

It could be because you're out of gas or a problem with your fuel delivery system. Check your gas gauge to see if you need to refuel, and if you have an older car, check the fuel filter to see if it needs replacement.


The engine is not getting enough air.

It could be because the air filter is dirty or there's a problem with the intake system. Clean or replace the air filter if it's messy, and check the intake system for leaks.


The engine is not getting enough spark.

Your vehicle's spark plugs and ignition system could be the problem. Schedule an inspection at EAS Tire & Auto in Chatfield, Colorado. 


Every 30,000 miles, you should check the spark plugs, wires, and the ignition system on your car.


Engine Overheating

If your engine is overheating, it could mean that the cooling system is not working correctly. Check the coolant level and add more if it's low. If that doesn't work, you may need to replace the water pump or thermostat.


The engine is not getting enough compression.

It could be because the piston rings are worn or a problem with the cylinder head. Inspect the piston rings and cylinder head for damage.


These are just some reasons why your engine may not be starting. If you're having trouble diagnosing the problem or needing engine repair, bring your car to Chatfield's EAS Tire & Auto.

Why should you not put off prompt engine repair services?

If you're having engine trouble, it's best not to wait to get it fixed. Prompt engine repair services can help you avoid severe problems down the road. Ignoring engine issues can lead to more significant matters, like engine failure.


So if you think there's something wrong with your engine, don't hesitate to bring it in for a checkup. The sooner you do, the better.


Engine repair services can be expensive, but they're worth it to keep your car running correctly. Engine failure is much more costly than routine engine maintenance.

EAS Tire & Auto, Your Engine Repair Expert in Chatfield, CO

If you require engine repair services, bring your car to EAS Tire & Auto. We're your engine repair experts in Chatfield, CO. We have the knowledge and experience to get your engine running like new again.


We provide various engine repair services, including:


  • Fuel system diagnosis and repair
  • Ignition system diagnosis and repair
  • Cooling system diagnosis and repair
  • Compression system diagnosis and repair

No matter what engine issue you're having, we can help. We'll diagnose the problem and provide a solution that fits your needs.


Bring your car to EAS Tire & Auto for prompt and professional engine repair services. Stop by our shop or call us at (720) 573-2075 today!


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