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Carburetor Service and Repair in Colorado

EAS Tire and Auto is your comprehensive auto repair and service station. When you need anything, from a basic oil change to a major repair, you can call us, and we will take care of it. Our mechanics understand the complete in and out of a vehicle. So, if there is an issue with parts like the carburetor, you can breathe a little easier knowing that we are here to help.

What Is A Carburetor?

If you have been told that your car has an issue with the carburetor, your first question might be about what a carburetor actually is. That question becomes more common every year, and there is a good reason for it.

For vehicle owners of a certain age, they might be able to recall a lot of mechanical talk about a car’s carburetor. That is because the carburetor is an essential part of the engine system of some cars that have combustible engines. These days, many cars operate on engines that are fuel-injected and don’t rely on carburetors. However, some cars still do, especially certain makes or vehicles that are older. It's a good bet that car or truck owners who need a carburetor repair have an older but glorious vehicle.

What A Carburetor Does

Carburetors allow air intake to mix with the vehicle’s fuel and help power up the engine’s function and speed. Traditional carburetors have both air and fuel pipes that work in tandem to get the machine (in this case, the vehicle) up and running. When these work in perfect harmony, the carburetor helps the car run wonderfully. When there is an imbalance, the engine gets too much or too little air or fuel and doesn’t work efficiently.

Generally, a carburetor repair is necessary when the system is out of whack and impairs vehicle function. When the calibration of fuel-air contribution is off, the major part that can be adversely affected is the engine. If you have ever heard the terms “rich” or “lean” concerning the carburetor, it’s shorthand for how the imbalance is impacting the engine. Lean means the air intake overpowers the fuel. Rich means the opposite, where the fuel overpowers the air.

The reason that drivers don’t often find carburetors on cars with fuel-injected engines is that those systems are guided by computerized or digital components of the vehicle that guide the fuel. Carburetors don’t rely on these. That’s why these parts tend to be standard for older cars, not newer ones. However, you may still find carburetors on older motorcycles and other mechanical machines with smaller engines.

Is There A Carburetor Issue?

For vehicles that do have carburetors, there are definitive signs that these parts are malfunctioning and need to be repaired. The following could signal carburetor issues.


As engine and cooling systems are tied to optimal carburetor function, if the vehicle overheats, it means that it’s not cooling off the way that it should. This could be indicative of a carburetor issue.

Black Smoke

If the exhaust pipe is emitting dark or black smoke, then something is up with the fuel. In a carburetor’s case, there’s an imbalance between the fuel and air - and the fuel is winning. This is the previously mentioned “rich” imbalance that signals a carburetor malfunction.

Slow Engine

If the driver notices that the car is slow to start or seems to drag when running, a carburetor issue could be at play. It’s important to have it looked at as soon as possible, especially if it’s starting to affect the engine.

Make An Appointment With EAS Tire and Auto

We are masters of all vehicles, old and new. EAS Tire and Auto can handle all auto repairs and replacements, including carburetor service. If your car, truck, or van needs a carburetor repair, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’ll help repair your vehicle’s carburetor and get it back in great working condition in no time at all. Give us a call and make an appointment today.

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