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Computer and Engine Diagnostics on the Front Range of Colorado

In the late eighties, onboard diagnostic systems became the new thing on cars and trucks and became a standard part of their manufacturing. Since then, OBDS has become much more technologically advanced. Unless it’s a classic car, computer diagnostics are commonly run on vehicles to detect minor and major issues.

EAS Tire and Auto have master mechanics who are certified, trained, and knowledgeable. We stay on top of the latest developments, obtaining new equipment or integrating the most current software into our diagnostic machines. Part of the reason that we are so good at what we do is due to our commitment to technology and auto repair. When it comes to computer diagnostics, we know what to do and how to do it.

Benefits of Computer Diagnostics

The advent of computer diagnostics has had an overwhelmingly positive effect on the auto industry as a whole. Whether it be a manufacturer, consumer, dealer, or auto repair service, the ability to digitally detect imbalances and issues has made vehicles safer to produce, drive, and fix.

Before OBDs became a standard fixture, people could take their vehicles to the mechanic, crossing their fingers and hoping that the repair was going to be accurate and effective. When the repair missed the mark or wasn’t up to par, owners were often left having to shell out money for another repair, hoping that it would be right that time.

Consider the position of the mechanic, too. The old system of diagnostics meant testing numerous parts and systems of the car to determine where the problem was and how to fix it. That could take a lot of time and lead to higher repair costs when having to track down a part that might not fit. One of the best benefits of computer diagnostics isn’t just about what it can tell you about what’s going on with a vehicle. It can also point you in the right direction about where to get the perfect part.

Indicators That Computer Diagnostics Can Immediately Detect

Countless vehicle owners can attest to the annoyance and fear that an engine check light can instill. It pops up out of the blue and can throw a driver’s whole world out of whack in just one instant. As nerve-wracking as this indicator can be, it is also one of a car’s best ways to let someone know that it needs to be serviced. Even though that light could turn on for numerous reasons, computer diagnostics help narrow down and isolate the issue. Knowing the exact reason why and where allows the mechanic to zero in and fix whatever the problem is in a shorter amount of time.

Computer diagnostics are also great tools for auto emissions. Plugging into a car can detect whether a car is running at optimal capacity or not. It can also flag, particularly if something is going on with the emissions, if there is a possible issue in a major area of the vehicle, such as the exhaust system or engine (including other parts of the car or truck). Technology has become an amazing and incomparable part of car repair. Computer diagnostics can be used in many different ways, but it can tell us very important things in an instant.

However, it does take a skilled mechanic to operate diagnostic equipment, especially as diagnostic programs are constantly evolving. EAS Tire and Auto is dedicated to continuous training on computer diagnostics. So, we’ll always be aware of the latest developments. With us, car repair and service are always afforded the most innovative treatments.

EAS Tire and Auto Is Here for You

Don’t get us wrong. We can break down and repair a vehicle classically and traditionally if we have to do it that way. However, computer diagnostics are a fantastic tool to pinpoint an issue in a lot less time. Our technical skills in auto repair and digital diagnostics are unparalleled. So, whenever your car, truck, or van needs service or repair, you can trust that our computer diagnostic system can handle it. Come to us for a proper diagnosis and effective repair whenever your vehicle needs it.

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