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Cooling System Service on the Front Range of Colorado

Have you been searching for a reliable place to take your vehicle for cooling system and radiator repairs? Your search could end with EAS Tire and Auto. We are a one-stop repair shop for all of your minor and major repair needs. We work on all types of vehicle makes and models, domestic and foreign. So, whether your car is a classic or brand new, you can trust it to be taken care of in our capable hands.

Just like any machine, vehicle systems have to work together for a car, truck, or van to operate at full capacity. When one part of a car starts to malfunction, it will impair its ability to perform and possibly begin affecting the other systems, too. Radiator and cooling systems are major components of a vehicle, and any issues affecting these parts should be looked at as soon as possible.

Cooling System Overview

Ever heard of or experienced an overheating vehicle? While there are many reasons why this can happen, it is a comfortable bet that a malfunctioning cooling system is a probable culprit. Most major activity with any vehicle starts with the engine. When the engine starts up, it generates heat. That heat gets sent to the coolant fluid. The coolant does its job by making its way to the car’s radiator. In turn, the radiator expels that heat (with some assistance from the serpentine belt, allowing the coolant to take a trip back to the engine to complete the process. This mechanical exchange is the basic way that a cooling system functions - until something goes wrong.

Cooling systems are important conduits between the engine and the radiator. A healthy radiator is an essential part of the cooling system because it keeps the vehicle from overheating. When there is a problem with the cooling system and the radiator, it could signal an impending (and expensive) disaster that is lying in wait for the car. If these parts are properly serviced or repaired, the vehicle could break down and cause damage to other major parts, such as the engine.

Signs of Cooling System Trouble

As mentioned before, any sign of overheating could signal an issue with the radiator. Paying attention to the temperature gauges and indicators could be a tip-off when a driver notices that it is on the high end. If it’s been a while since the coolant fluid has been serviced, an overheating engine may not be far behind.

Many drivers may notice an issue with the cooling system while driving around in the summer heat, and the air conditioner stops working. Alternatively, a non-working heater in cold weather could also indicate a radiator issue. Another sign could be noticing leftover liquid under the car when pulling out of its parking spot. This would signal some sort of leak that could be related to the radiator and cooling system. Pay attention to knocking noises coming from the engine's location. A less obvious - but telling - clue is the smell. While rancid oil tends to smell burnt, murky coolant has an almost sweet smell.

Vehicles can be fickle beasts, and it could be very difficult for someone without mechanical expertise to tell if the issue is related to the cooling system. Even car enthusiasts who are used to working on cars might have trouble getting to the root cause of a radiator issue. Fortunately, EAS Tire and Auto can determine exactly what the problem is and repair it when necessary.

Contact EAS Tire and Auto

Anyone who suspects that their vehicle’s cooling system or radiator is malfunctioning shouldn’t wait. The cooling system is a major part of the vehicle that connects to other systems. A mechanical failure in this area will lead to major issues with the rest of the car, truck, or van. It needs prompt attention and service. EAS Tire is ready to provide it. We are auto experts who can handle all minor and major repairs. Don’t let a possibly serious issue get any worse. Contact us right away to have the cooling system diagnosed and fixed.

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