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Auto Electrical Services & Repair in Littleton, CO

Your Check Engine Light won't go off. Your headlights aren't working correctly. Your GPS has poor signal. These are all signs of potential electrical problems that the pros at EAS Tire can help you resolve.

Troubleshooting electrical problems in a car is no small task, and you should never attempt to make any repairs on your own due to health hazards. We use the latest tools and technology to diagnose electrical problems and implement fast solutions that get your car's performance back to where it should be.

What Are Vehicle Electrical Diagnostics?

Electrical diagnostics use technology to identify issues with a car’s electrical system. Your vehicle contains an intricate network of wires affects everything from your headlights to your radio. More modern car technology also includes essential safety features, like automatic braking and assisted steering, which are also run by your vehicle's electrical system.

Signs of Electrical Problems in Cars

From power to lights, your car's electrical system carries a lot of responsibility. When it starts to go haywire, you may notice issues with the ignition, problems with your headlights, dashboard lights, and so on.

If you're wondering how to know if your car has electrical problems, here are some telltale signs to contact a professional:

  • Your engine does not start as soon as you turn on the ignition
  • There is a grinding noise when you start your car
  • Headlights, dashboard lights, or interior lights flicker
  • Fuses frequently blow out
  • Clicking sounds when accelerating or turning
  • Smell of burning plastic or a strong smoky smell
  • Inexplicable battery issues

Potential Causes of Electrical Problems in Your Car

A number of factors can cause electrical issues, and we're here to troubleshoot each one. A detailed inspection will first check for signs of technical or wire damage. If nothing is evident from a visual assessment, we move on to electrical diagnostics to test for things like circuit problems, voltage drops, and heating issues.

Some of the common causes of auto electrical issues are:

  • Loose or failed spark plugs
  • Worn-out battery cables
  • Problems with the car battery
  • Loose wiring
  • A faulty ignition switch
  • A blown-out fuse
  • Slipping alternator belts
  • Trouble with computer sensors

The diverse range of potential sources makes in-depth diagnostics a crucial part of finding the right solution. You should only work with an experienced technician who is certified to perform electrical work on cars.

At EAS Tire, we take pride in the fact our team all boast Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification. When we work on your car, you can trust that it's receiving the greatest quality of service and care.

Once we figure out what's causing the issues with your vehicle, one of our technicians will suggest potential solutions. We are always open to exploring different options with our customers, especially those who may not be able to afford replacements.

Schedule Auto Electrical Services in Colorado

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