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Radiator Repair on the Front Range of Colorado

When your vehicle is running, the engine is generating lots of heat that needs to be controlled in order to avoid damage to vital components under the hood. The cooling system in your vehicle is what helps to control the heat that is generated from your engine. The system circulates coolant through your vehicle’s engine and radiator to keep components lubricated and protected from excessive heat. If the heat from your engine isn’t controlled, overheating can occur and internal parts can be damaged. At EAS Tire & Auto in Littleton, CO, our certified technicians are experienced and trained to repair cooling systems on all makes and models of vehicles.

Our experts recommend a cooling system inspection once a year to ensure that it is working properly. Our complete visual inspection will include checking components of your cooling system and fluid levels, looking for leaks, and checking parts of your engine for corrosion. If needed, our experts will perform a cooling system flush and fill to replace old coolant and clean components to keep fresh, clean coolant running throughout your vehicle.

A faulty cooling system can sometimes stem from a blown head gasket or a radiator leak. Our experts can determine the exact cause of the issue with a cooling system pressure test. This test helps us simulate the engine getting hot and allows us to see which component is failing. Keep an eye out for green or orange fluid leaks underneath your vehicle - this can indicate a coolant leak which can cause problems with the cooling system.

When your radiator starts to fail your vehicle's cooling system will struggle to keep engine temperatures at a reasonable level. If you notice your vehicle’s temperature gauge reading unreasonably high, it is important to seek help quickly. If you notice the temperature gauge on your dash reading too high, you should go to a technician to have your radiator and cooling system checked for faults. Technicians will start by checking the radiator for cold spots, verifying that the system flows well and then they will inspect the engine bay for leaks. Technicians can also test the overall temperature and pressure in the coolant system to confirm that your engine is running hot.

At EAS Tire & Auto in Littleton, CO, we are a family-owned and operated auto repair facility dedicated to providing professional and friendly service. We have 3 locations around the Littleton, CO area for your convenience. We stand by our automotive work with an outstanding 4 year/48,000 mile warranty on most repairs and services. Our Napa AutoCare Center has a kid friendly waiting room equipped with free Wi-Fi so that you can wait for your vehicle comfortably. Our ASE certified technicians look forward to repairing your vehicle and keeping you and your family safe on the road.

If your vehicle’s radiator needs a repair, bring your vehicle to our experts at EAS Tire & Auto. We look forward to servicing your vehicle soon!

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