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Steering & Wheel Alignment Services in Colorado


EAS Tire offers steering and wheel alignment services that ensure your car is always a pleasure to drive. Our mechanics make sure that every vehicle is aligned according to its manufacturer's particular standards, boosting safety and stability.


You should book our alignment services if your car's steering feels loose or like it's floating, especially at high speeds. You should also contact us if your wheels are slow to respond, which can signal misaligned tires or steering.


Alignment can also be built into any annual auto tune-up package to ensure your car is at its finest on the road.


Wheel Alignment vs. Tire Rotation 


A wheel alignment adjusts your tires' angles to meet your manufacturer's specifications. Tire rotation, on the other hand, changes the positioning of tires on your car to ensure even weight distribution. This can stop them from wearing down quickly and save money by maximizing fuel efficiency. 


It's best to have your tires rotated every 5,000 miles, and it's easy to keep your rotation and balancing services on a predictable schedule. 


Wheel alignment should be done whenever you need it. For cars that are having steering trouble, it's vital to reach out and connect with an expert ASAP to avoid dangers behind the wheel. 


Do You Need Steering Alignment After Replacing the Tires? 


You may not need wheel alignment after getting new tires, but it can be a good idea. Some drivers find that their steering feels loose after getting new tires, and this could be due to the alignment. 


In some cases, people have gotten so used to driving with misaligned tires that new ones can feel much looser. However, if an experienced mechanic installed them, they should be aligned upon installation.


If you installed new tires yourself, they may be less responsive than you'd like. A quick alignment by a professional can ensure they're positioned according to your car manufacturer's specifications.


Proper wheel alignment can also help your new tires last longer, so you'll get more out of your investment and save money by not having to replace or repair them anytime soon.


Do You Need to Align All Four Tires at the Same Time? 


Yes, four-wheel alignment is the standard procedure. When a technician aligns all four tires, they can ensure that your car is 100% aligned with industry specifications. This will help prevent difficulties with steering, acceleration, and turning later on and protect your tires.


Another major perk of four-wheel alignment is the potential savings. Four-wheel alignment can reduce your gas mileage costs by as much as 10 percent or up to 0.31 cents per gallon!


Professional Steering and Wheel Alignment Services in Colorado


Get affordable, fast steering and wheel alignment services in Colorado from ASE-certified experts at EAS Tire & Auto! We are tire experts who can optimize your vehicle for performance and stability, whether you drive a two-door sports car or a heavy-duty truck. 


Contact us today to schedule a service appointment at one of our convenient locations. Whenever you need us, we’re here to help.

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