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Car Brakes Basics: When Do You Need Brakes Repair near me Denver, CO?

Brian Bates


Brakes Repair near me Denver CO

The braking system of your car is one of the essential safety features. Brakes are what keep you and your passengers safe in an emergency, so it's vital to know when Brakes Repair near me Denver, CO may be needed.

Brake pads and shoes typically wear down over time, which means they need to be replaced periodically as part of a routine Brakes Repair near me Denver CO service.

At EAS Tire & Auto, we're experts in repairing and servicing brakes on all makes of vehicles. We use high-quality parts for a safe repair that is guaranteed to last.

How to tell if your car needs brake repair near me Denver CO - Brakes repair near me Denver, Colorado

There are a few ways to tell if your car needs brake repair near me Denver, CO. Brake repair is a must for your vehicle if you see these five signs:

When your brakes squeal, it's a sign that they're getting low on fluid.

It involves an ingenious little mechanism inside the discs, which creates this shrill noise to tell you when action needs to be taken before failure turns into something much worse. So be sure to get yourself or your car fixed as soon as possible so all can go smoothly again.


Vibrating when you apply brakes

You may have warped rotors if the car shakes when you apply brakes. It is an indication that they're not performing correctly and can lead to other problems down the road, such as reduced stopping power or even failure of your entire vehicle.


Howling or grinding noise

The howling or grinding noise when you apply your brakes, and it makes a strange sound can be because there's not enough brake pad left on, metal scraping against each other. If it happens to be the case, then either rotor will need replacing with their respective pads to restore power up as if they were brand-new again.


Soft Brake Pedal

The brake pedal has a lot of giving, so there's not much resistance when you push on it to stop the car. However, it could mean your pads are worn down and need replacing soon or something more severe like low fluid in the system.


The car will pull to one side when braking if you hit the brakes and it swerves towards that exact tire.

It could mean there's something wrong with your breaks, like uneven wear on pads or impurities in fluid - which means getting them fixed right away is essential!


The importance of getting regular brake maintenance - Brakes Repair near me Denver Colorado

Regular brake maintenance is essential for your car because it will prevent accidents by keeping you aware. However, if something seems off, don't hesitate to check out the problem at mechanic shops in Denver, Colorado.

Brakes are an integral part of driving and should be regularly maintained to prevent expensive repairs. Once brake pads wear down, they stress other components like rotors, leading to a costly repair if not handled properly.

EAS Tire & Auto - Your Best Choice in Brakes Repair near me Denver, Colorado

At EAS Tire & Auto, we are a family-owned and operated auto repair facility that stands behind our work with an outstanding four-year/48000-mile warranty on most repairs.

If you suspect anything wrong with your brakes, contact our experts at EAS Tire & Auto - Denver, Colorado.


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